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How do I begin?


How do I balance this desire to cast my urgent voice into the world against knowing that what I want to write about is mothering well, and with intention, attention and focus, when making space to write means possibly cutting corners on those very things?  How do I balance my belief that mothers must feed their own souls with the knowledge that to make space to feed mine, I must make sacrifices in my home and with my family? How do I decide what those sacrifices will be? How do I make peace with the burning need to achieve something for myself, to stretch and engage my brain beyond this world of new motherhood and the day-to-day demands of my child and the household that I am responsible for?  How do I walk that line day to day? And how do I offer you any advice on how to do that well when I don’t really know how to do it myself?

The seed of this blog settled into my consciousness much like my daughter’s first cells settled into my womb.  Both were unexpected, and were not on the path I thought I was setting out on. But in both cases, once I opened my heart to the possibility, I was deeply committed.…

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