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Dreaming for My Daughter


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To accomplish great things, we must not only act, but also dream; not only plan, but also believe. – Anatole France

I strongly believe that all women, especially mothers, should make room in their lives to dream. Dream about who they want to be in the world, what they want to accomplish, where they want to go with their lives. Dream about what they want to learn and what they want to see. And then take steps toward those dreams, even if they are teeny tiny ones over a long period of time.

I have heard so many mothers say things like, “Oh, I’ll do that when my kids are grown,” whether *that* is writing that book she has brewing in her heart, or going back to school, or starting a business.  Even smaller dreams get set aside, like learning to knit or how to draw. As if we don’t have the right to pursue our dreams when we have kids. …

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Already Revising My Resolutions: Focusing on Self Care

Isabel Bloedwater / Creative Commons

Isabel Bloedwater / Creative Commons

One thing that has surprised me about parenting is the exhaustion.  I expected it when I had a newborn, but I’m almost two years in at this point, and I’m still exhausted.  Differently exhausted, to be sure, but exhausted still.

I’m exhausted by the mental energy it takes to be at least one step ahead of a curious and busy toddler.  I’m exhausted by nights when she wakes up at 4:42 in the morning asking for a snack, like she did this morning.  I’m exhausted by picking up her toys over and over and over. I’m exhausted by making decisions that have the potential to have such long-lasting impact on her life, like which child care center to trust with her care, which vaccines she should have and when, which preschool will balance our parenting philosophies with solid early education, and  which dentist to see for her first dental exam. I’m exhausted by all of the evenings it takes over an hour to get her to sleep and then I stay up too late into the night trying to find just a little time for me.

Of that list, the only one I can control is the last one, so my only New Year’s resolution was to be in bed by 10pm every night until I felt rested. …

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A Manifeso For Nurtured Mamas

Image by gnuckx

Image by gnuckx

I believe a well-nourished mom is a happy mom and a happy mom is the foundation of a happy family. This is how I will nourish myself:

  • I will find the ritual in my every day.
  • I will honor the beauty in each moment (even the hard ones).
  • I will not put my dreams on hold for someday.
  • I will let my children see me dream, work, struggle and achieve.
  • I will be at peace with the moment I am in.
  • I will stop wasting time and start making use of it.
  • I will take steps toward my dreams, even if the steps are tiny.
  • I will put my needs first (at least sometimes).
  • I will let my children be themselves.
  • I will let my partner be his/her own parent.
  • I will make my marriage a priority.
  • I will take breaks to do nothing.
  • I will remember to play – with my kids, with other adults, and alone.
  • I will get outside each day to breathe the fresh air and say hello to the sky.
  • I will let go of things that do not support the life my family wants to live.
  • I will say no to some things so that I can say yes to others.
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