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The Practice of Receiving

asking for and receiving help

Early spring tulips, taken with VSCO on an iPhone 5.

When I was six months pregnant, I had sciatica so bad that I couldn’t walk for almost a week.  I was still living alone at the time and the pain came on fast.  In the evening I was a bit stiff and achey and by morning I couldn’t hold the weight of my body on my left leg. It hurt too much even to stand. I couldn’t get dressed, feed myself or even get to the bathroom. My partner still lived too far away to offer the level of help I needed so my mom moved in until I improved enough to fend for myself again. She continued to bring me food for another week until I could drive. It was incredibly hard to accept her love and care, even when it was being freely offered.

During this time, someone told me something wise that I have thought of often in the years since that painful week.  She said, “This is practice for when you become a mother.  You won’t be able to do everything and you will need to ask for help.  This is the universe teaching you how to ask for help.”

This last week I have been laid low with a cold that attacked both my lungs and my sinuses. …

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How To Begin: 5 Steps To Get Your Project Moving


Photo by Fran Ulloa via Creative Commons

It can be so hard to figure out how to begin when you have a big project that you want to accomplish.

There is that old advice, “Begin at the beginning,” but what if you don’t know where the beginning is?  What if the project seems so big and overwhelming that it seems impossible? No project is impossible, really, though sometimes the end result looks a little different than you thought.

Here are five tips to get from your vision to reality (and finding the path in between).

First, know your goal

Here is what I do.  I start by looking at the future. What is my goal in approaching this project? Say I want to start a blog. What is my goal?  Do I want to earn a tidy income? Do I want to build a community of like minds? Do I want to build a platform that will help me to launch other projects, like a book? Do I just want a place to write about what’s on my mind?

For this blog, my primary goal is to build a community. Which is not to say some of those other goals aren’t also true, but that’s my primary goal right now.…

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7 Ways I Made Time To Launch With A Toddler, And How You Can Make Time For Your Dream, Too

You will never find time for anything


Photo by dougbelshaw via Creative Commons

Recently I wrote about the importance of having – and working toward – a dream.  But in a life filled with small children, a home to keep running and a relationship to invest in, where does a mama find time to work on a dream? Don’t despair, you can always make time when something is really important to you. Here are a few ways I found some time last year to get to my goal of launching this blog.

1. I scheduled it.

Scheduling time to work toward an important goal is essential. When you write your dream-building time into your calendar you are making a commitment both to yourself and to your dream. When those hours are blocked off on your calendar and a conflict arises, it is so much easier to say, “I’m sorry, I’m already scheduled then.” Because you are.

Can you find one or two hours you can hold sacred each week?  It should be a time that you can keep fairly consistent week to week. If you have small children, see the next tip. 

2. I paid for it.

Writing a check to someone else to care for my child so I can go work is very motivating.…

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