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Self-Care Challenge: Take a Break

Self-Care Challenge: Take a Break | Nurtured Mama Blog

This couple of weeks I have been struggling to be productive. I have a limited amount of child care time and it is my habit to do as much as I can during those hours.  Because I’m paying for that time! I must get my money’s worth! What I want to do is take a break and rest, but there’s so much to do!

But the reality has been that I’m not getting very much done. I recently took on a short-term job that is taking more of my energy than I expected it to. I haven’t been sleeping very well, and I just can’t find my mojo. So I sit at my computer and try to do stuff, but mostly I’m on Twitter and Pinterest and then I start berating myself about how I’m wasting my precious child-free time. Which doesn’t make me more productive, it just makes me feel bad.

So for the last three days, I’ve done something different. I work until I start to get unfocused, whether that is an hour or 10 minutes.  And then I get up and go do something else. I go pick up a magazine, or I go putter in the garden.…

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What I Want to Do With My Summer Vacation: 398 Fun Things To Do This Summer

Today is my favorite day of the year: The first day of summer vacation!

When I was a kid I remember how exciting it was to get to the last day of school.  Summer vacation stretched out before me forever, it seemed. I could not imagine the end of summer from the beginning of it.

398 fun things to do this summer

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I have a very different perspective on summer as an adult. Namely, that it is over way too soon, long before I get to do everything I want to do. I tend to cram way too many things into the warm months, and then I’m frazzled and disappointed by those first cool days in September.

Last year, as an antidote to that feeling, I made a short list of things I wanted to make sure I did over the summer months. I called it my Summer Do List. They were mostly small things, and all of them local. It was really helpful to have some kind of focus, but also a reminder to keep things small. When we had a little time on the weekend I’d look at the list and pick a fun activity that was the right size.…

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5 Tips To Keep Email From Ruling Your Life

Email doesn't have to be overwhelming. Here are some tips from a professional project manager about how to manage it better - even if your inbox is out of control! ::

photo credit: slackorama via photopin cc

It amazes me that I used to manage hundreds of new email messages a day when I was working as a project manager, while now I get quickly overwhelmed by just a handful. I find myself with my nose to my phone, checking, checking, and still I have a backlog of unanswered and flagged messages that I need to deal with. It is crazy making.

I know how to manage email. I just haven’t been. So here I am in public, getting back on this horse.  Are you struggling with email, like me? Here are the ways I’ve managed my email in the past that I’m going to start using again.

Limit how many times you check your email each day.

I admit this is the hardest rule for me to follow, but I’m so very much happier when I do it. I really don’t need to know what is coming into my inbox every few minutes. Nothing is so urgent in my life that I need to check more than twice a day, really.

Turn off all audio and visual email alerts and set aside email time when you can actually sort and respond to everything at once.…

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