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How To Make Self Care Really Easy

How To Make Self Care Really Easy |

Sometimes I think the idea of self care gets a bad rap when you are a busy mom.  Like caring for yourself doesn’t count if you can’t get completely away from your responsibilities. Self care only counts if it is a pedicure, a long nap, a date night or an evening out with your girl friends. If you can’t be checked out entirely for a few hours, then it doesn’t count. It isn’t good enough.

If you can’t get a long break – especially if you can’t – you still need to care for yourself. You cannot care for your family’s needs non-stop without meeting your own. Self care is useful even when it is tiny. It can be moments in between, or moments during. It can be simply a breath, a re-settling of your awareness into your body. It can be a decision to do less today, to let go of perfection and judgement and comparing.

Try one of these things for a bit of self care today:

  • Whatever you are doing right now, take three deep breaths. Close your eyes if you can, but that’s not a requirement.
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Mama, You Are So Brave

Mama, you are so brave. Brave in everything you do. ::

photo credit: mcdarius via photopin cc

This week I have been bowled over by the simple bravery it takes to be a mother.

The bravery to drop off your child at a daycare or a school and trust that they will be safe. The bravery to encourage those first tottering steps when you know that falling is inevitable. When you know the walking will take them away from you and eventually into their own separate lives. The bravery to restrain a kicking and screaming toddler in the grocery store checkout line. The bravery to carry life in your belly, not knowing who that person will be or how their life will turn out. The bravery to stay calm when your baby comes to you bleeding, literally or figuratively. The bravery to get up every morning and do it all over again.

This bravery, I think, is far too often unmentioned.

So this week, tell your mama friends you think they are brave, even when they aren’t doing anything extraordinary. And also when they are.

When you see a stranger mama who looks like she needs a kind word, tell her she’s amazing.…

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