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What Does Mom Look Like?

What Does Mom Look Like? ::

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What does “Mom” look like to you?

If you read a lot of parenting magazines, you might think Mom is supposed to be tall and lean, probably blonde, always smiling.

If you watch much TV or many movies, you might think she always has perfectly coordinated outfits with nice accessories, gorgeous makeup and hair. She wears heels and skinny jeans and never has spit up or toddler food smears on her shirt.

If you read a lot of Hip Mama magazine, maybe Mom has sleeve tattoos and short, spiky hair.

In my town, many of the moms I run into are over 35 and dress pretty casual, but are mostly really fit. Possibly that’s because I mostly see them at the gym and the yoga studio?

Really, I never did. And I don’t really want to.

Before I had Bean, I had a corporate career, and I spent a good portion of my budget on nice clothes, which looked great on me.

But since silk blouses and high heeled boots don’t go well with nursing babies and I no longer had an office to go to, all those clothes got boxed up and put away while I was pregnant.…

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Find Your Moments Of Grace

Find Your Moments Of Grace ::

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We’ve had stuff going on behind the scenes here lately. Some tough stuff, some just busy stuff. The tough stuff has included a week (and counting)of a cold for Mama that just won’t let go.

Thankfully, and somewhat unfortunately, this cold passed right over Bean and she didn’t have any symptoms. So while I’ve been coughing myself awake for nights running, nursing a sinus headache, sounding  like a frog and downing cup after cup of tea, she’s been lively and full of energy.

This mama is exhausted trying to keep up with her.

When Mama’s exhausted, things start to unravel. When I’m not on top of picking up the house, it starts to feel like the clutter is taking over. When I’m not on top of our schedule, we are constantly running late and I’m juggling trying to reschedule and un-conflict the conflicts. There has been too much TV and and too much bargaining over TV and far too many times I hear myself saying “I don’t want to have to say this again…” and too many tears – both hers and mine.

On one particularly hard day last week, it felt like every single interaction was a fight.…

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Real Food Chronicles (on Modern Alternative Mama)

Real Food Chronicles - On Modern Alternative Mama ::

All during the month of March, Modern Alternative Mama is sharing stories from their contributing writers called “A Day In The Life of A Real Foodie .” These stories are interesting because they really show the breadth of ways to eat and feed your family contentiously, healthfully, and with real food. Some families are working around food sensitivities, some are following specific diets, and others (like me) are just trying to cook good and healthy food from scratch and save some money while doing it.

Each post follows one day of food in the life of the contributor, with pictures and sometimes recipes. They are really fun. You can read my contribution to the series on Modern Alternative Mama here.

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How to Have Room Of Your Own

How To Have Room Of Your Own ::

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Of the things I crave most about my pre-baby life, stretches of time alone ranks high. Before my partner and his teenaged son moved in with me when I was eight months pregnant, I lived alone for three years. A month later I gave birth to a baby who hated to be anywhere but in my arms.

I wasn’t alone again for more than a few minutes for nearly nine months.

I love my family. I do. But it wasn’t until I learned how to carve out small amounts of time alone that I started to feel like myself again after all of those changes. That was too long to go feeling like a stranger in my own skin.

Are you also someone who craves alone time? Maybe you are an introvert, a writer, or an artist. You need stretches of silence to process your inner world, to make sense of your thoughts. Maybe you just like to read books without people interrupting you. Maybe you have a meditation practice, or would like to have one. Maybe you just crave some time where you aren’t at someone else’s beck and call and can truly sink into rest.…

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