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Grow Good Eaters: 5 Easy Garden Vegetables to Plant With Your Kids

Grow Good Eaters - 5 easy vegetables to plant with your kids ::

“Mama, do we have any carrots?” My 3-year old is standing not in the kitchen, but in the backyard. She’s peering into our raised garden bed, where I’ve been growing vegetables with her and for our family since she was a baby.

Together we’ve successfully grown peas, green beans, lettuce, kale, chard, basil, carrots, summer squash and parsley. We nurtured a volunteer pumpkin grow in our front yard that provided four perfect pumpkins for our jack-o-lanterns last fall.

We’ve also had a few flops, like the eggplant that never flowered, a tiny melon plant that keeled over shortly after being transplanted and a batch of broccoli that were devoured by aphids. This year we are experimenting with sweet Walla Walla onions and a purple cauliflower.

Cultivating young gardeners will reap benefits far beyond healthy eating habits, teaching patience and an understanding of cause and effect among other things.

The first time we grew carrots from seed, my daughter was 2. I drug my finger through the dirt near the edge of the bed where she could reach and showed her where to sprinkle the seeds.

As the seedlings popped up, I showed them to her. When she pulled a few before they were ready, we talked about what was happening under the soil, and why we needed to let the plant keep growing.…

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Pinned It. Did It. Blueberry Breakfast Quinoa

Pinned It. Did It. Blueberry Breakfast Quinoa ::

For my second post in the Pinned It. Did It. series over on Liz’s blog, I tackle quinoa.

Quinoa is something I know I should – and want to –  eat more of, but I don’t really know what to do with it. Is it savory? Is it a breakfast grain? Can I bake with it? Starting with a batch of leftover quinoa, I turned to Pinterest for guidance and remembered a lesson about cooking that I had forgotten.

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The Practice Of Trust

On Monday afternoon last week I sat on the side of my hospital bed while my love unplugged my IV pump so he could help me limp to the bathroom of my tiny hospital room and try to pee. My ability to pee had been a little uncertain in the last 24 hours, and I’d already taken two unsuccessful trips to the bathroom that morning.

I was gazing at the small slice of blue sky visible between buildings but thinking about something else.

“I had such big plans for this month,” I said. “There were so many things I wanted to do.”

The Practice of Trust - when life feels uncertain, you need this. ::

But life happens, sometimes, doesn’t it?

The last two weeks of my life included two ER visits, pain so intense I couldn’t stand to be touched, unexpected surgery, two nights in the hospital, the first week of what may be five or more weeks of recovery, more narcotic pain medication than I ever expected to ingest, and none of the things I expected to do so far in May.

Today is the first day I’ve been able to sit sort of comfortably at my desk again and when I pulled out my blog planner to see where I had left off I just laughed.…

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