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Focus Your Day With A Single Goal

If being productive today means doing only one thing, what's the thing you need to do? :: www.nurturedmama.netWhen life is feeling overwhelming, when I’m managing in crisis mode, or simply when I’m very tired, I have a secret weapon for success.

I plan to do only one thing. Focusing on a single thing feels manageable.

Sometimes that thing is very small. I plan to brush my teeth (start the day with a victory!). I plan to take a shower, which might not even happen until right before bed. I plan to make one phone call that I’m feeling nervous about.

If achieving my one thing cascades into energy to finish another one thing, or maybe two, that’s awesome. But if it just allows me to give myself permission to take it easy, that’s perfectly fine.

Sometimes my one thing is more of an attitude than an accomplishment. My goal might be to speak kindly, if I’ve been very cranky recently. It might be to forgive, if my love and I have been arguing. It might be to be patient, if my small girl has being trying.

I choose my one thing because it is the thing that I most need, even if the practice of it also feels most challenging.…

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2014 Blogiversary Giveaway!

To celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Nurtured Mama, I'm giving something away (I kind of like this tradition!).


The drawing is now closed (congratulations to Anne-Marika!) but you can fill out the survey any time. I’d still love your input!


On the day before my 40th birthday, I published the first post on this blog. It wasn’t my first blog post (not in the slightest!) but it was the beginning of a bigger vision, a hope for a community, and a way to put my voice where it might possibly help other moms like me.

In the last two years, so much has changed in my life. My daughter has grown from a baby to an opinionated child. I’ve cut off my hair, gutted my wardrobe, launched a class, lost two pregnancies, been in a car crash, started painting again, been very sick, and am finally getting well again. I’ve written my heart out on this blog and I’ve found the community I was seeking. Just in this year Nurtured Mama’s subscribers have doubled and traffic has quadrupled. You have come here from Pinterest, Facebook, and other blogs where I have written. And you’ve stayed. Even when I needed to take a break this summer, you guys were right here when I got back.

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Plan Ahead for Calmer Holidays

A little planning now will give you more space, joy, and relaxation around the holidays. Click over for tips on scheduling, managing holiday mail, and more. :: www.nurturedmama.netFor a number of years, I started dreading Christmas, oh, around October. I shared more of that story last year, and my 21 Days to a Peaceful Holiday class grew out of the things I learned as I found my way back to loving the holiday season. I can honestly say that when I saw the first holiday decor this year while shopping (even though it was the first week of October), I smiled in anticipation. Progress!

This week I want to share with you a few of the more practical ways I prepare for the holidays before things get crazy busy.

(For even more tips, join me for 21 Days starting December 1.)

Set Your Intention For the Season

To prevent going into reaction mode just to manage the busy, think now about how you would like to feel during the month of December and into January. What one theme would you like to feel running through the holiday? Family? Community? Wonder? Consider some of these questions:

  • What is your most treasured holiday tradition?
  • What holiday activities could you really live without?
  • Where do you feel the magic? How can you find more of that?
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Minted Review (& Giveaway!)

Minted crowdsources beautiful designs and produces what their users vote on. The result is stunning cards, invitations and party decor that connects independent artists with discerning customers. This review gives an overview of the products available and includes a $50 shop credit giveaway! ::

Updated: This giveaway is now closed. The winner is Heidi, who wrote, “I’m loving the Winter Brush Christmas cards! It’s so classy.” Heidi, I’ll be sending you an email with your credit details.


Have you heard of Minted? While on the surface it looks like another online stationary and holiday card store, it goes far beyond that.

Minted was founded in 2007 with the idea that there was under-represented creative talent all around the world and that the Internet could help connect these artists with customers. The company holds “design challenges” that draw entries from more than 48 countries. The public votes on their favorites and Minted produces and sells the winning designs, returning a commission to the designer on every sale.

Minted contacted me recently to ask if I wanted to review their products and tell you about them. I was impressed with the look of their designs, but when I dug in and read about their business model I got really excited. They aren’t just selling pretty Christmas cards and wedding invitations, they are actually helping independent artists to flourish through crowdsourcing. That’s the kind of company I can get behind.

Disclosure: Minted sponsored this post by providing me with shop credit and use of their images.

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How To Meditate If You Can’t Sit Still


You’ve probably heard all about how good meditation is for you. Clarity of mind, calm thoughts, focus, creativity. Awesome rewards, right? Especially for a mom of active young kids.

But when you are a busy mom with active kids who have active schedules, finding the time and focus to meditate feels especially far away. Sitting still, in silence, for an extended period of time? That feels like bliss, but probably unattainable.

Even if you can find the time, how do you clear your head of the to-do list, the things forgotten that need to be dropped off, the appointments, the everything that you need to track as a mom of little people? How do you manage to sit still?

Well, maybe you can’t, but that doesn’t mean you can’t reap the benefits of meditation at all. If you cultivate the practice of paying attention, even if you aren’t sitting still, you can learn how to meditate in motion.

Here are some ideas for meditation that don’t require you to stop moving:

Walk With Intention

You can practice this one whether you are going for a long walk or just walking across a parking lot.…

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