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Summer Resources for the Southern Hemisphere

Tired of reading about winter when it is summer where you live? This round up of summer ideas is for you! :: www.nurturedmama.netI’ve been writing about winter stuff a lot this month because I’m all up in the middle of it. But I know some of you live in the opposite hemisphere, so I wanted to share a bunch of links to articles that are more relevant for you this month. Enjoy!

The Taste of Summer

Getting Outdoors

Self-Care in the Summertime

Crafts and Outdoor Play

Do you have other resources for summer fun?

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Preparing to Conceive After A Miscarriage

Ways to help your body and soul heal after a miscarriage before you decide to try to conceive again. :: www.nurturedmama.netI originally wrote this post in 2013 for Modern Alternative Pregnancy, where I was a contributing writer. I wanted to share it again here, because I think these healing steps are so important (and often overlooked). 

This summer I sat on an exam table in an ER in Denver and heard a phrase I had hoped never to hear: “I’m very sorry, but we can’t find a heartbeat.”

I was in the ER after a car accident, where they confirmed that I was only bruised, not badly injured, but that the baby I was carrying had died perhaps a week earlier, at nine weeks gestation. The doctor called it a “missed miscarriage,” which is when the fetus has died but the mother’s body hasn’t yet shown any of the usual signs of miscarriage such as cramping or bleeding. My body still felt pregnant, but the baby was gone.

I declined the Misoprostol and D&C and flew home to let my body complete the process naturally. It took another couple of weeks, a round of acupuncture and Chinese herbs and a dramatic onslaught of bleeding before the fetus finally passed from my body.

Several months have now passed and I have learned a great deal about how to heal both the body and the heart after the loss of a pregnancy.…

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Survival Strategies For Winter Blues

Winter Blues are rough, but there are some straightforward things you can do to help yourself cope and even feel good in the winter. ::

Original image by Volkan Olmez.


I have written here before about how winter often brings along Winter Blues. Even when I think I should be feeling fine, because my home and relationship are great, and the sun is shining and the beautiful mild place I live is being beautiful and mild, the winter months stretch forever. I sink into my personal combination of depression symptoms and every year I’m convinced I’m never going to feel normal again. I always do, but I always forget that I do.

After this last year of illness and recovery, my reserves are especially low. I’m struggling. A swift downward spiral hit me hard about a week before Christmas and I’ve been limping along ever since. In spite of California’s drought (which means endless sunshine in January), I’m still having a really rough winter.

It is really easy to beat myself up about feeling bad. What right do I have? My life is great! Being depressed is so selfish! What is WRONG with you? In fact, when I start hearing that refrain in my head, it is my first warning sign. That’s when I need to start paying attention so I don’t fall even deeper into depression.…

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5 Ways To Nourish Your Skin In Winter

Even though I live a bare mile from the ocean and tucked up under a ridge that pools the fog around our house nearly daily, in January my skin is totally parched.

When dry winter air leaves you parched, here are 5 ways to quench the dry and nourish your skin. ::

It isn’t just my skin. I feel emotionally parched in winter, too.

But first, the skin. While we think of dehydration as a side effect of hot weather and sweat, it is also common in winter. After all, up to 60% of our body weight is water, and it only takes a 1-2% drop to cause dehydration.

Dry forced air heating and wood burning stoves suck the moisture from the air in your house, and excess water being flushed from your system while your body trys to stay warm work together to dry you right out.

When dry winter air leaves you parched, here are 5 ways to quench the dry and nourish your skin. ::

Here are a few ways I fight dehydration and nourish my skin in the winter months:

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When dry winter air leaves you parched, here are 5 ways to quench the dry and nourish your skin. ::

Drink Up

Cold water may not be so appealing in frigid weather, but you still need the liquid. Hydrate up with warm drinks and water-rich foods (fruit and soup). A common rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in fluid ounces. Limit caffeinated beverages and alcohol, which are both diuretics and will cause your body to flush even more water out of your system.…

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Soothing Colds With Lemon And Honey

Soothe sore throats and aching bodies with the age-old remedies of honey and lemon. ::

photo credit: desegura89

Honey has been used in health care for hundreds of generations. It is mentioned in historical writings as far back as the Sumerian gets from the 21st century, B.C.

Honey is a humectant, meaning it attracts and retains moisture, and an anti-irritant. Medicinally, honey sweetens and smoothes the swallowing of bitter herbs, as well as providing its own healing powers. Honey salve was historically applied to cuts and wounds. Recent studies have proven that the high sugar concentration prevents bacteria growth and that wounds treated with honey heal faster.

My family uses two honey-based treatments to take care of a cold, one a simple lemon tea and one a treatment for sore throats.

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Mom’s Magic Throat Coat

When I was little and had a sore throat, my mother would heat up this thick and sticky throat treatment in a small bowl and give it to me with a tiny sugar spoon. The high acid content of the lemon (sometimes she used cider vinegar), means it can only be consumed in tiny sips The honey coats the throat to ease discomfort and also reduces bacteria.…

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