A Manifeso For Nurtured Mamas

Image by gnuckx

Image by gnuckx

I believe a well-nourished mom is a happy mom and a happy mom is the foundation of a happy family. This is how I will nourish myself:

  • I will find the ritual in my every day.
  • I will honor the beauty in each moment (even the hard ones).
  • I will not put my dreams on hold for someday.
  • I will let my children see me dream, work, struggle and achieve.
  • I will be at peace with the moment I am in.
  • I will stop wasting time and start making use of it.
  • I will take steps toward my dreams, even if the steps are tiny.
  • I will put my needs first (at least sometimes).
  • I will let my children be themselves.
  • I will let my partner be his/her own parent.
  • I will make my marriage a priority.
  • I will take breaks to do nothing.
  • I will remember to play – with my kids, with other adults, and alone.
  • I will get outside each day to breathe the fresh air and say hello to the sky.
  • I will let go of things that do not support the life my family wants to live.
  • I will say no to some things so that I can say yes to others.
  • I will make a practice of gratitude.
  • I will be comes friends with my breath.
  • I will build my community of kindred spirits.
  • I will trust my children to tell me what they need, if I give them room and listen.
  • I will make sure my children know they are loved, every day.
  • I will be the best mama I can be in the moment I am in.
  • I will work to become who I am meant to be.
  • I will be more than just someone’s mom.
  • I will bravely ask for help.
  • I will not get lost in the details of keeping a house.
  • I will know what feeds my soul and make room for those things in my life.
  • I will remember the woman I was before I had children and believe in the woman I will be after they move into their own lives.
  • I will commit to building the life I want to live.
  • I will forgive myself for being human.
  • I will write my own parenting rules.
  • I will stop doing what I should do and instead do what brings me alive.
  • I will trust my intuition.

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