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Real Food Chronicles (on Modern Alternative Mama)

Real Food Chronicles - On Modern Alternative Mama ::

All during the month of March, Modern Alternative Mama is sharing stories from their contributing writers called “A Day In The Life of A Real Foodie .” These stories are interesting because they really show the breadth of ways to eat and feed your family contentiously, healthfully, and with real food. Some families are working around food sensitivities, some are following specific diets, and others (like me) are just trying to cook good and healthy food from scratch and save some money while doing it.

Each post follows one day of food in the life of the contributor, with pictures and sometimes recipes. They are really fun. You can read my contribution to the series on Modern Alternative Mama here.

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Pinned It. Did It: Salt Dough Leaf Ornaments (a guest post on Liz Lamoreux’s blog)

Guest Post: Pinned It, Did It: Salt Dough Leaf Ornaments | Nurturedmama.netI love Liz’s series of Pinned It. Did It. posts. Real people, trying out real Pinterest projects, with (mostly) good results. I’ve been following it for a few months now, and found my current favorite soup recipe as a result. So I’m especially excited that Liz agreed to share a salt dough Pinterest project I did with Bean a couple of months ago. Not only was it a fun project, but it reminded me of a useful parenting tool that has come in handy a lot recently.

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My Path To Motherhood: A Guest Post on The Happiest Mom

I’m excited to be part of the My Path To Motherhood Series on The Happiest Mom this week. My guest post tells the story of my crooked and unexpected path to motherhood, now almost three years ago.

positive clear blue pregnancy test


“I have to tell you something,” I said hoarsely, not at all sure how I would manage to speak the next words aloud. I’d caught a cold while I was in New York, but it wasn’t congestion closing my throat.

I was perched on the hearth of my fireplace, across from my best friend, Kirsten, who was lounging sideways across my purple love seat. My ex took the couch part of the set the previous year and I hadn’t got around to replacing it.  I was usually the only one sitting in my living room, anyway.

Read the rest of the story here.

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