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10 Quick Ways to Create the Most Cozy Home

When you are at home, do you feel tense and on edge? Are you so busy thinking about the things you need to do that you are unable to relax and enjoy your family? Part of the problem may be your surroundings.

Look around your home. What emotion comes up as you take in your space? Do you feel cozy, welcomed, relaxed?

If not, it is time to make some changes.

I love to come home. Even when my house isn’t tidy, it is a cozy home. It feels warm and welcoming. There are beautiful things to look at, comfortable places to sit. Before I even knew the word, I knew it was my goal to have a hygge home.

Hygge (pronounced “HOO-ga”) is a Danish word that isn’t directly translatable, but generally means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life. It is a philosophy more than a decorating scheme, and it seems to work. Denmark, where the tourism pages talk about what is hyggelig just as much as they talk about what to see and do while visiting, frequently tops the lists of the happiest countries in the world.

What does having a cozy home have to do with being a peaceful mom? 

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How To Survive Holiday Shopping When You Are Highly Sensitive

Amazon sent me an email in October with the headline “The countdown to Black Friday.” I deleted it. I did not want to think about Black Friday before Halloween. I do not, actually, want to think about gift shopping at all.

This week I’m over on Sorta Crunchy with a post about surviving the sensory overwhelm of shopping during the holiday season, whether you are after gifts or just groceries. If you an introvert, are highly sensitive, or have ever walked into a store and felt like you wanted to walk right back out, this post is for you.

Read more at Sorta Crunchy.

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How to Have Room Of Your Own

How To Have Room Of Your Own ::

original photo credit: nerissa’s ring via photopin cc

Of the things I crave most about my pre-baby life, stretches of time alone ranks high. Before my partner and his teenaged son moved in with me when I was eight months pregnant, I lived alone for three years. A month later I gave birth to a baby who hated to be anywhere but in my arms.

I wasn’t alone again for more than a few minutes for nearly nine months.

I love my family. I do. But it wasn’t until I learned how to carve out small amounts of time alone that I started to feel like myself again after all of those changes. That was too long to go feeling like a stranger in my own skin.

Are you also someone who craves alone time? Maybe you are an introvert, a writer, or an artist. You need stretches of silence to process your inner world, to make sense of your thoughts. Maybe you just like to read books without people interrupting you. Maybe you have a meditation practice, or would like to have one. Maybe you just crave some time where you aren’t at someone else’s beck and call and can truly sink into rest.…

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Soul-Fed Mama: Conserve Your Introvert Energy

Conserve Your Introvert Energy, part of the Soul-Fed Mama series on

I’m an introvert. What that means, generally, is that interactions with others take energy. Being in large groups of people takes energy. Extroverts are energized by interacting with others, while introverts are depleted by those interactions and need to recharge by spending time alone or being quiet.

Some introverts, like me, are also sensitive to physical touch, needing larger personal bubbles to feel comfortable.  In addition, the more tired I am generally, the less energy I have for everything, including interacting with others.

I also live with other people, including a 2-year-old with advanced verbal skills who lately has been waking up once a twice a night to check in and make sure I’m still there.

What that means is that much of my being-with-people energy is used up before I even walk out the front door.

As the mother of a toddler, I can’t just say, “Hey, I need a bit of quiet,” and actually get it. I can’t depend on a full night’s sleep, or her being willing to give me physical space. In fact, the  more I pull away, the more needy she becomes.

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