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My daughter will only know same-sex marriage as normal

Welcome to the July 2013 Carnival of Natural Parenting: Learning About Diversity

This post was written for inclusion in the monthly Carnival of Natural Parenting hosted by Hobo Mama and Code Name: Mama. This month our participants have shared how they teach their children to embrace and respect the variety of people and cultures that surround us. Please read to the end to find a list of links to the other carnival participants.


Santa Cruz Pride Parade La Cage Auz Folles dancers blog post title

On the morning of June 28 I woke up early and reached for my phone to catch up on social media before I started my day. The first eight posts in my Facebook feed celebrated the new gay marriage ruling. I switched over to the CNN app to confirm: The Supreme Court had just released two rulings, the first declaring DOMA unconstitutional and the second overruled Proposition 8 in California, which made gay marriage legal again here where I live.

I shifted in bed to gaze at my still-sleeping two-year old daughter and wondered: Will she grow up in a world, finally, where families made up of two mommies or two daddies is accepted as normal? Will she be largely unaware of the discrimination I experienced in my own life before she was born?…

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June Photo Hunt

Photo hunt title

At the beginning of June, I shared a short photo hunt printable for the month. As promised here are the photos I found this month.

This was a really nice way to stay in touch with my intentions for slow and fun in the month, and to remember to notice the moment I’m in, not be thinking so much about what I need to be doing next or forgot to do last.

Sunshine - June photo hunt -


Grandpa - - June Photo Hunt -

Grandpa (“Baba”)

Flowers - June Photo Hunt -


Bubbles - June Photo Hunt - Nurtured


Fresh from the Garden - June Photo Hunt -

Fresh from the garden

Bare feet - June Photo Hunt -

Bare feet (she thinks they are “bear feet”)

Relaxing - June Photo Hunt -

Relaxing (while she sleeps)

Laughter - June Photo Hunt -


Did you do a photo hunt of your own?  Please share a link in the comments below!

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What I Want to Do With My Summer Vacation: 398 Fun Things To Do This Summer

Today is my favorite day of the year: The first day of summer vacation!

When I was a kid I remember how exciting it was to get to the last day of school.  Summer vacation stretched out before me forever, it seemed. I could not imagine the end of summer from the beginning of it.

398 fun things to do this summer

Download your own Welcome To Summer resources and printables pack now!


I have a very different perspective on summer as an adult. Namely, that it is over way too soon, long before I get to do everything I want to do. I tend to cram way too many things into the warm months, and then I’m frazzled and disappointed by those first cool days in September.

Last year, as an antidote to that feeling, I made a short list of things I wanted to make sure I did over the summer months. I called it my Summer Do List. They were mostly small things, and all of them local. It was really helpful to have some kind of focus, but also a reminder to keep things small. When we had a little time on the weekend I’d look at the list and pick a fun activity that was the right size.…

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Book Group Grandmothers

Book Group grandmothersMy daughter has nine grandmothers.

Four are by blood and marriage, as a result of complicated blended families on both sides.  The other five are the Book Group Grandmothers.

I am the youngest in my book group by easily 15 years.  I am the only woman whose children are not grown. This group has been meeting for 16 years now, 14 of them with me. Together we have experienced births and deaths of children, new marriages, divorces, heart surgeries, cancer diagnoses and treatment, transitions into new careers, retirement, grandparenthood and stay-at-home-motherhood. We have attended funerals, birthday parties, weddings, movies, choir performances, blessing ceremonies and baby showers together.

Each month we gather around a table in one of our kitchens, the selected book read or partially read or not yet even cracked open, to eat together and to talk.

We do read in our book group, and are discriminating about our picks, but we are laughingly lax at discussing them at our meetings.  We regularly joke that we are only in it for the good food and the wine.  Except I don’t think that’s why we are in it at all.  I think we are in it for the community and because we each respect and admire each other so much.…

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“How To…” Roundup: 7 Posts from ProBlogger’s March Group Writing Project

how to roundup

Last week ProBlogger’s Darren Rowse issued a challenge to write and share a “How To…” post.  I was planning to write about how to shake a bad mood anyway, so I submitted my link and watched as the other posts rolled in.  There were so many fun and interesting topics covered that I wanted to share some of them with you.

Here are eight posts that will each teach you something useful or creative.

1. How to Make Banana Jam

Bananas are a staple in our house. Usually they get eaten up each week, but depending on breakfast cravings and how warm the weather is, sometimes I need to rescue them before they turn black. Often I just toss them in the freezer and make banana bread later, but one family can only eat so much banana bread. I’d never heard of banana jam before, but after reading this post from Confessions of an Overworked Mom I’m definitely going to try it.

2. How To Have a More Productive and Energetic Morning

I have a love-hate relationship with morning routine advice.  I love to have productive and energetic mornings, but I hate that most of the advice seems to be aimed at people without small children who are, by necessity, part of the routine.…

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How do I begin?


How do I balance this desire to cast my urgent voice into the world against knowing that what I want to write about is mothering well, and with intention, attention and focus, when making space to write means possibly cutting corners on those very things?  How do I balance my belief that mothers must feed their own souls with the knowledge that to make space to feed mine, I must make sacrifices in my home and with my family? How do I decide what those sacrifices will be? How do I make peace with the burning need to achieve something for myself, to stretch and engage my brain beyond this world of new motherhood and the day-to-day demands of my child and the household that I am responsible for?  How do I walk that line day to day? And how do I offer you any advice on how to do that well when I don’t really know how to do it myself?

The seed of this blog settled into my consciousness much like my daughter’s first cells settled into my womb.  Both were unexpected, and were not on the path I thought I was setting out on. But in both cases, once I opened my heart to the possibility, I was deeply committed.…

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