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Beautiful Mother’s Day Gifts From Uncommon Goods

The Uncommon Goods Mother's Day collection has some really nice picks for the mom in your life. ::

This week I’m teaming up with Uncommon Goods to share with you some fun Mother’s Day gift ideas.

I picked Uncommon Goods as a partner because I appreciate they way they do business. They feature unusual and often handmade products – over half of what they sell is handmade – and share stories of their designers and makers in both their catalogs and on their blog. I love seeing the real people who are making the things I’m buying and I always love a peek into a maker’s studio!

I also want to give them a high-five for their commitment to the environment and running a sustainable business. Uncommon Goods is a registered B-Corporation, which means they meet a stated and high standard on a range of progressive issues, including wage levels (their Brooklyn warehouse workers’ wages start at 50% higher than local minimum wage), environmental impact (a third of their products incorporate upcycled and recycled components) and giving back to the community (they donate $1 from each order to one of several non-profit organizations).

I also find their web site really easy to navigate and they have really well-curated gift collections.  You can see their Mother’s Day collection here and a wider collection of gifts for moms here.…

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Minted Review (& Giveaway!)

Minted crowdsources beautiful designs and produces what their users vote on. The result is stunning cards, invitations and party decor that connects independent artists with discerning customers. This review gives an overview of the products available and includes a $50 shop credit giveaway! ::

Updated: This giveaway is now closed. The winner is Heidi, who wrote, “I’m loving the Winter Brush Christmas cards! It’s so classy.” Heidi, I’ll be sending you an email with your credit details.


Have you heard of Minted? While on the surface it looks like another online stationary and holiday card store, it goes far beyond that.

Minted was founded in 2007 with the idea that there was under-represented creative talent all around the world and that the Internet could help connect these artists with customers. The company holds “design challenges” that draw entries from more than 48 countries. The public votes on their favorites and Minted produces and sells the winning designs, returning a commission to the designer on every sale.

Minted contacted me recently to ask if I wanted to review their products and tell you about them. I was impressed with the look of their designs, but when I dug in and read about their business model I got really excited. They aren’t just selling pretty Christmas cards and wedding invitations, they are actually helping independent artists to flourish through crowdsourcing. That’s the kind of company I can get behind.

Disclosure: Minted sponsored this post by providing me with shop credit and use of their images.

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Our Summer Manifesto

Make your own summer manifesto - free printable. ::

Last year I made a list of things I wanted to do over the summer months and it was so incredibly helpful to have a guide to refer to. It also help me know when to say no to invitations or plans, when they didn’t align with what I really wanted to do.

This year I wanted to make a list, but I also wanted to make it super simple. Because full disclosure here: That cute little photo book I made from Ali’s templates is still sitting on my desk, almost-but-not-quite-done.

Awesome, and done. And now stuck on the side of the fridge where we can all see it!

Want to make your own? You got it! Download the template here.

If you want even more summer support, ideas, and efficiency (really, who doesn’t want more efficiency?) I have a whole pack of summer-related printables available now. This manifesto sheet is in there, along with a menu planner, calendars, to-do list templates, summer-friendly recipe ideas and a ton of activity ideas for the kids. Also my favorite part: A full pace of life hacks for moms to create even more time and sanity for you in the next few months.  Click the button below to buy it now (just $5.99!) or go here to see more details.…

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Joy and Wonder

Joy & Wonder | www.nurtured

Today I have two new projects to tell you about…


I deeply believe that joy is not a destination but a practice. Happiness is not something you earn, arrive at, or own, but something you notice, sit with, and practice at.

I also believe that in the chaos of motherhood (especially early motherhood) happiness can feel very elusive.

We are tired. We are frustrated. We feel alone and overwhelmed.

We need reminders to nurture our joy and happiness. And we need them often. But we each deserve to feel joy. As often as possible.

And that’s why I am excited to tell you that I have joined 14 other inspiring mamas in a new ebook, designed to help you nurture joy and embrace the everyday wonder of life. The book is called Nurturing Joy: Illuminating Everyday Enchantment.  And even better – it is available for free!

You can claim your free copy from Raising Loveliness here.

The book consists of interviews with 14 mothers who share their views on discovering and practicing joy, encouraging celebration, and stories about what enlivens each of us. For example, here is my response to the question, “How has motherhood helped you rediscover a sense of joy?”

I think it is impossible to live with a small child and not be touched by their joy in simply being alive.

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How I Fell Back In Love With Christmas (and how you can, too)

How I Fell Back In Love With Christmas |

For many years of my life I have dreaded the month of December. When I was still working at Apple, before the MacWorld convention in January was cancelled, it was the month of finishing every project, which meant long hours and high stress. I rarely had time to plan ahead for gifts and finding time to make the gifts I wanted to make was impossible. Each year found me shopping last minute and feeling cranky and unsatisfied. Giving that way felt empty.

Throughout the month I would find myself eating too much, drinking too much, and never sleeping near enough. I’d feel bloated, cold, slow and exhausted. By the time the Christmas finally arrived I mostly just wanted to sleep. I couldn’t muster the energy to be excited about holiday gatherings and often found myself bickering with family I hadn’t seen in months over the ways we each felt let down instead of enjoying their company. I missed the people I couldn’t be with and didn’t enjoy the company of the ones I was with.

I hated Christmas. I hated December.

And then one year I’d had enough.

I scaled back my gift list to my closest family and dearest local friends.…

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Keeping Up With My Little Learner

Keeping with My Preschooler's Learning |

My little one, though not yet old enough for formal preschool, is so excited about learning. She knows all of her letters, can count up to 10 (though not yet in order!) and loves to point out colors all around her. Just a couple of days ago I heard her make the connection that combinations of letters make words. Her very favorite place to go with me is the library and her room is positively strewn with books. Her favorite word is “Why,” and she really listens to how we answer her.

I’m not worried about her being prepared for kindergarten, which still seems an eternity away, but I am worried about keeping up with her quest for knowledge in any kind of organized way. And I’d love to find her some worksheets and activities that are appropriate for her learning level and also fun.

If you have an engaged learner like I do, have a preschooler who needs some extra support before they start kindergarten, or even if you just want to be actively involved in your child’s learning journey, I think you will love this week’s bundle from the eBook Emporium.

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase a product after clicking through a link I will make a small income from the sale, at no additional cost to you.

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Book Group Grandmothers

Book Group grandmothersMy daughter has nine grandmothers.

Four are by blood and marriage, as a result of complicated blended families on both sides.  The other five are the Book Group Grandmothers.

I am the youngest in my book group by easily 15 years.  I am the only woman whose children are not grown. This group has been meeting for 16 years now, 14 of them with me. Together we have experienced births and deaths of children, new marriages, divorces, heart surgeries, cancer diagnoses and treatment, transitions into new careers, retirement, grandparenthood and stay-at-home-motherhood. We have attended funerals, birthday parties, weddings, movies, choir performances, blessing ceremonies and baby showers together.

Each month we gather around a table in one of our kitchens, the selected book read or partially read or not yet even cracked open, to eat together and to talk.

We do read in our book group, and are discriminating about our picks, but we are laughingly lax at discussing them at our meetings.  We regularly joke that we are only in it for the good food and the wine.  Except I don’t think that’s why we are in it at all.  I think we are in it for the community and because we each respect and admire each other so much.…

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