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5 Tips to Shop Smarter at the Farmers Market

The gorgeous and bustling farmer’s market draws you like a magnet, but as soon as you enter you feel overwhelmed. You have your shopping bag and your small bills, but you realize you have no idea what to buy. What will you cook with this stuff? What even is that vegetable?

No need to be overwhelmed! Shop smarter at the farmers market by keeping just a few tips in mind.

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Make a Plan

Shopping without a list is always dangerous, no matter where you are. You end up with things in your cart you weren’t planning to buy, and then you get home and realize you forgot the one thing you really need for dinner. Shopping without a list at a busy market is just as dangerous. Yet making a list for a seasonal market is a skill that takes some practice. You have to have a sense for what’s in season (see below), and what you’re going to make, as well as knowing how much you need and can reasonably consume in a week.…

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How To Decide What To Let Go

Do you feel lonely when you are surrounded by people? Are you feeling disconnected? Are you feeling that crush of wanting to do more than you can do, or having many things on your plate taking up your time and energy and resenting them?

The last few months have been a lonely time for me. I have people in my life, but I’m going too fast and feeling too busy to really see them. I want to feel deeply connected with someone but my partner and I haven’t talked in two days and I haven’t had a meaningful conversation with anyone over the age of six in a week.

In the last few months, my guy has been away from home a lot and I’ve been flying solo with the kid and the house and all of our animals. I finished radiation therapy at the end of January and it has been a long slow road back to feeling like myself. My stamina is still very low, I have to sleep a lot and my memory is terrible. I simply can’t keep on top all the things that are involved in keeping a household running solo, but how do I figure out what to let go? …

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Get Your Summer Bag Ready For Adventure

Are you prepared for spontaneous adventure at the drop of the hat? We live in a coastal town. That means that any day the sun is shining, on our way to or from anywhere, my daughter may call from the backseat, “Can we go to the beach?”

After the second or third time I declined because we didn’t have any of our beach gear with us, she said, “Mommy, we never get to go to the beach.” I felt awful. I mean, it is right there! So I solved the problem by putting together what I call our summer bag and keeping it in the trunk of my car. Ours is for beach trips, but a bag like this is great for any summer destination – the park, a hike, even the farmer’s market.


This has worked so well I wanted to tell you what I keep in our summer bag so you can make one, too.

This post contains affiliate links. 

Get Your Summer Bag Ready

First up, make sure you have a good bag. I use a large straw market bag my guy brought home as a souvenir from Madagascar (similar to this one), which stands up in the trunk of my car and is easy to carry.…

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Plan Ahead for Calmer Holidays

A little planning now will give you more space, joy, and relaxation around the holidays. Click over for tips on scheduling, managing holiday mail, and more. :: www.nurturedmama.netFor a number of years, I started dreading Christmas, oh, around October. I shared more of that story last year, and my 21 Days to a Peaceful Holiday class grew out of the things I learned as I found my way back to loving the holiday season. I can honestly say that when I saw the first holiday decor this year while shopping (even though it was the first week of October), I smiled in anticipation. Progress!

This week I want to share with you a few of the more practical ways I prepare for the holidays before things get crazy busy.

(For even more tips, join me for 21 Days starting December 1.)

Set Your Intention For the Season

To prevent going into reaction mode just to manage the busy, think now about how you would like to feel during the month of December and into January. What one theme would you like to feel running through the holiday? Family? Community? Wonder? Consider some of these questions:

  • What is your most treasured holiday tradition?
  • What holiday activities could you really live without?
  • Where do you feel the magic? How can you find more of that?
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The Value of Small Dreams

The Value of Small Dreams ::

background photo credit: pareeerica via photopin cc

I have small dreams.

I have big ones, too, but the ones I cherish most are the tiny ones.

  • I want to feel strong in my left shoulder again.
  • I want to have a nearly empty closet
  • I want to grow tomatoes in my front yard.
  • I want to write a letter, by hand, every week.
  • I want to fill a journal.
  • I want to reach the end of the day and feel happily exhausted.

I cherish the small dreams because they are achievable. Because even in the midst of life with a small child, I can move myself toward them. I don’t have to sacrifice a year or a month or even a weekend away from my family. I can spend 15 minutes here and 10 minutes there.

  • I can hit the gym for 30 minutes on the weight machines doing the grocery shopping on a Sunday afternoon.
  • I can spend an rainy afternoon pulling out and boxing up most of my clothes while my daughter plays dress up with the off casts.
  • I can start tomato seeds in my kitchen today.
  • I can set a box of cards next to my favorite spot on the couch and write a note while my love is putting our daughter to bed.
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Soul-Fed Mama: Simplify One Thing

Simplify One Thing, part of the Soul-Fed Mama series at

I love the Simplify 101 Weekly Quick Tip email I get from Aby Garvey. In last week’s email she talked about one simple change she made in her kitchen – moving her toaster off the counter and into her pantry – that made a huge difference in how she uses and enjoys her small kitchen.

That got me thinking about other small – but profound – ways we can simplify our lives.

As I look over this list I see things that I’ve done in the past but have let go. I’m feeling the need for some simplification in my life right now, so I’m going to be re-implementing several things this week!…

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Keep It Simple: A Breakfast For Life At The Speed of Light

Keep it simple

One day last week, confronted with a fridge full of random food supplies and a cranky child at my knee, I threw together this breakfast for myself: Avocado mashed on a toasted whole wheat bagel. It isn’t gluten-free, or paleo, or clean eating, or any of the other ways to eat that are trending right now. It isn’t even pretty to photograph. But it was fast, I could make it while managing breakfast negotiations with the little one, and it kept me full until lunchtime.

This has been a week of not very many naps, of mornings that begin with begging for a TV show. A week of too many projects going on at the same time in the yard, strewn across my desk, and filling up my to-do list. It has been a week of us parents handing off a kid-shaped baton at the door in the evening and relying on iMessage the rest of the time to keep the business of this household running. This has been a week of too much, too fast, with too little rest and refilling.

This is the kind of simple I need right now. Fast, easy, nourishing.

What simple solutions have you found to get you through a crazy patch?

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