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Messy life management – 7 ways to cope

What have you done for yourself this week? Or is your messy life getting in the way?

Is it hard to even remember? Does the idea of doing something for yourself feel impossible? Laughable? Too selfish to even consider?

Is your life an overwhelming mess right now? Don't know what to do to dig out? Here are 7 things you can do - fast - to help you get back on top of that messy life. :: nurtured


I’ve had a week like that. Every time I turn around, it seems, I get a little more bad news. Some new complicated thing I need to manage. I can feel that I’m carrying all of my worries in the muscles of my shoulders and every time I move I hurt. And then that makes me worry about the link between stress and cancer reoccurrence. As if I need something else to worry about.

But it is weeks like this that I know how very important it is to take good care of myself. To do things that are just for me. They have to be tiny, mostly, but they have to be in there.

The week after I was diagnosed with cancer last year, I remember talking on the phone to a friend who asked, “What does your self-care look like right now?” I couldn’t think of anything, at first. And then I remembered that each morning for the last three days I had chosen to put the same tee-shirt back on.…

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Survival Strategies For Winter Blues

Winter Blues are rough, but there are some straightforward things you can do to help yourself cope and even feel good in the winter. ::

Original image by Volkan Olmez.


I have written here before about how winter often brings along Winter Blues. Even when I think I should be feeling fine, because my home and relationship are great, and the sun is shining and the beautiful mild place I live is being beautiful and mild, the winter months stretch forever. I sink into my personal combination of depression symptoms and every year I’m convinced I’m never going to feel normal again. I always do, but I always forget that I do.

After this last year of illness and recovery, my reserves are especially low. I’m struggling. A swift downward spiral hit me hard about a week before Christmas and I’ve been limping along ever since. In spite of California’s drought (which means endless sunshine in January), I’m still having a really rough winter.

It is really easy to beat myself up about feeling bad. What right do I have? My life is great! Being depressed is so selfish! What is WRONG with you? In fact, when I start hearing that refrain in my head, it is my first warning sign. That’s when I need to start paying attention so I don’t fall even deeper into depression.…

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Soul-Fed Mama: Self Portrait Sunday: Hands

Self-Portrait Sunday: Hands. Part of the Soul-Fed Mama series | www.nuturedmama.netOn Sundays throughout the month I will be inviting you to take and share a self-portrait.

Self-portraits are a powerful way to explore how you see yourself.

A number of years ago I did a 365 day self-portrait challenge. It was a profound and healing experience. I learned so much about how I perceived the space I took up in the world, and also the disconnect between how I believed others saw me and how I wanted to be seen.

So just four times this month, I invite you to turn the camera on yourself and explore those issues just a bit.

This week, let’s take a self-portrait of our hands.

Self-Portrait Sunday: Hands. Part of the Soul-Fed Mama series |

I remember when I noticed how similar my hands were to my mother’s. And how similar hers were to her mother’s. My grandmother gardened with her hands.  My mother gardens and writes with hers. I paint and garden and write with mine. We are so different in so many ways, but there, in our hands, you can see our family line. When my daughter was born, I could see her father in her upper lip and her eyes, and me in her ears and her smile.…

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