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Just Say, “Thank You.”: Why it’s hard to accept a compliment and why you need to practice the skill

Here are a few ways to accept a compliment:

“You look so nice today!”

“Oh, this. I got it at Goodwill –  it was only $2!”


“This is such an excellent party.”

“Well, I can’t take credit. My husband did all the cooking…”


“That was a great presentation. I learned so much!”

“Oh, no, it was awful! I made so many mistakes. I was so nervous!”

Do any of these sound like you? When someone offers you a compliment or praise, do you squirm and redirect? Do you feel embarrassed or even ashamed of the attention? Do you wonder about the person’s motivations?

When you are offered a compliment, are you uncomfortable or at a loss for what to say? These tips will help you accept a compliment with grace and ease, and help you develop your sense of self-worth.

If so, you aren’t alone. This is something many women struggle with. I have struggled with it, too. At my daughter’s last birthday party, a good friend complimented me on the delicious cupcakes I had made. “Oh,” I said, “They’re just a box mix.” That was true, they were a box mix, but it was a low sugar, gluten free mix that I’d gone to two different stores to find, and I had spent my morning before the party piping the store-bought organic frosting into fancy swirled pillows on top of each cupcake. And she was right, they were delicious.…

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