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When Choosing To Quit Is Good Self-Care

Are you in a situation that feels miserable? You dread it. You think about it all the time, trying to sort out a way to make it better, or how to escape it. It might be a job or a project or a relationship. But still, you can’t imagine choosing to quit it. Why? Because quitting equals failure.

Or does it?

When choosing to quit is good self care.

We live in a culture that dreads and fears quitting. We call people “quitters” like it is a bad thing. Old adages, like, “Winners never quit and quitters never win,” replay in our heads, sometimes in the voices of our parents or childhood coach. Quitting is bad.

I disagree.

Choosing to quit a commitment is wise, when it is thoughtful and based in good self-awareness. In business, a company that stays committed to a market or product that is losing money would be silly, and might cause the company to go out of business. So why don’t we let ourselves quit something that is similarly failing? We keep trying and trying to make it work, but sometimes our desire to follow through on a commitment – taken too far – becomes detrimental to our own physical or mental health.…

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