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Messy life management – 7 ways to cope

What have you done for yourself this week? Or is your messy life getting in the way?

Is it hard to even remember? Does the idea of doing something for yourself feel impossible? Laughable? Too selfish to even consider?

Is your life an overwhelming mess right now? Don't know what to do to dig out? Here are 7 things you can do - fast - to help you get back on top of that messy life. :: nurtured mama.net


I’ve had a week like that. Every time I turn around, it seems, I get a little more bad news. Some new complicated thing I need to manage. I can feel that I’m carrying all of my worries in the muscles of my shoulders and every time I move I hurt. And then that makes me worry about the link between stress and cancer reoccurrence. As if I need something else to worry about.

But it is weeks like this that I know how very important it is to take good care of myself. To do things that are just for me. They have to be tiny, mostly, but they have to be in there.

The week after I was diagnosed with cancer last year, I remember talking on the phone to a friend who asked, “What does your self-care look like right now?” I couldn’t think of anything, at first. And then I remembered that each morning for the last three days I had chosen to put the same tee-shirt back on.…

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How to Read All The Books You Want To

If you want to have more time to read, set a goal and make a few small adjustments. Now get to reading all those great books. :: www.nurturedmama.net

This year I have a goal to read 40 books. That feels a bit audacious, even though I know people who have a reading goal much higher even than that.

I started setting reading goals for myself a couple of years ago, when I realized I was hardly reading any more and I really really missed the act of really getting lost in a good book. I missed the intellectual workout. I missed the escape from my day to day life and the peek into lives far different than my own. I missed the practice of reading good writing and studying the craft of it, to make my own writing better. I just missed being a reader and I wanted to be a reader again.

Each year since then I’ve passed my goal, so I feel confident in sharing what I’ve learned about finding more time to read, so you, too, can read all the books you want to.

Make It Easy

To make your book the first thing you turn to, you have to make it really easy. Easier than picking up your phone and opening Facebook.

I love paper books. I really, really do. But I realized that if I wanted to read more, I was going to have to embrace other formats.…

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8 Ways To Make More Time In Your Day

8 Ways To Make More Time In Your Day :: Nurturedmama.net

This is a post I wrote last year about how I made time to work toward a dream in the midst of raising an active toddler. Whether you are looking to make more time in your life for creativity, or for working on a big project, these tips are still so very applicable. I’m pulling them out of the archive to share again.

In a life filled with small children, a home to keep running and a relationship to invest in, where does a mama find time to work on a dream? Don’t despair, you can always make time when something is really important to you. Here are a few ways I found time to get to my goal of launching this blog.

1. I scheduled it.

Scheduling time to work toward an important goal is essential. When you write your dream-building time into your calendar you are making a commitment both to yourself and to your dream. When those hours are blocked off on your calendar and a conflict arises, it is so much easier to say, “I’m sorry, I’m already scheduled then.” Because you are.

Can you find one or two hours you can hold sacred each week? 

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5 Tips To Keep Email From Ruling Your Life

Email doesn't have to be overwhelming. Here are some tips from a professional project manager about how to manage it better - even if your inbox is out of control! :: www.nurturedmama.net

photo credit: slackorama via photopin cc

It amazes me that I used to manage hundreds of new email messages a day when I was working as a project manager, while now I get quickly overwhelmed by just a handful. I find myself with my nose to my phone, checking, checking, and still I have a backlog of unanswered and flagged messages that I need to deal with. It is crazy making.

I know how to manage email. I just haven’t been. So here I am in public, getting back on this horse.  Are you struggling with email, like me? Here are the ways I’ve managed my email in the past that I’m going to start using again.

Limit how many times you check your email each day.

I admit this is the hardest rule for me to follow, but I’m so very much happier when I do it. I really don’t need to know what is coming into my inbox every few minutes. Nothing is so urgent in my life that I need to check more than twice a day, really.

Turn off all audio and visual email alerts and set aside email time when you can actually sort and respond to everything at once.…

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5 Secrets of an Introverted Mother

introverted mother

photo credit: moriza via photopin cc

I almost flunked 4th grade.  I was in an independent study program and I couldn’t focus enough to get my work done. The students ranged from 4th to 7th grade in my class, and we sat in one large open room. It was noisy at best but most often a overwhelming onslaught to my introverted self.

Fortunately, my teacher was observant and creative. She suggested giving me credit for “daydreaming,” which we agreed would mean drawing and free writing. I could do those tasks outside of the classroom at the library, in the quiet study room that was normally reserved for older students, or in our building’s back patio while other classes were in session and it was quiet.

I didn’t know the term “introverted” back then, and likely my teacher didn’t either. Still, she recognized I needed quiet alone time to function and perform the tasks expected of me. She offered space for that and got me back on track. She also sewed the seeds the self-care practices I have been depending on ever since.

I have been thinking of the quiet of that back patio daydreaming time often recently.  My little one is starting to talk in earnest, which means that she is now talking ALL THE TIME.…

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8 Tips For Surviving Short-Term Solo Parenting

surviving solo parenting

photo credit: 4nitsirk via photopin cc

My partner has a tradition of taking his son on a spring break trip from long before I arrived in their lives. Each year they go someplace adventurous and inappropriate for a small child, so Bean and I stay home. When Bean was 3 months old they went to a remote village up the Amazon river in Peru. Last year they went to Madagascar. This year they extended the trip a couple of extra days and climbed Mount Roraima in Venezuela.

Each year that week alone surprises me in some way.  The first year I was just surprised that we both survived. The second year I was surprised at my own confidence as a parent – how far I had come in a year! This year my surprise was how all-consuming the task of parenting a toddler on my own really was.

Solo parenting is not single parenting. When I’m solo parenting, I’m individually keeping up a life (and household) that usually contains four people, three of whom are grown. We have a good-sized house with a good-sized yard.  We have a social life, pets, responsibilities. Most importantly, we have two involved parents who trade off in-home and out-of-home responsibilities.…

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