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Solutions to your summer stress - the Welcome To Summer resources and printables pack :: nurtured mama.net

Make your own summer manifesto - free printable. :: nurturedmama.netSummer is here!

With that, for most mothers, comes excitement and overwhelm, in equal and sometimes competing measures. Free time! No more early mornings and lunches to pack and homework at night! And also, what am I going to do with the kids all day? Will I even have a moment of quiet to myself before school starts again? Maybe you work at home and when your kids aren’t in school your work hours evaporate. Maybe you will be juggling more complicated drop off/commute/pickup schedules while your kids are at camp or other activities. Maybe you will be traveling, and need to plan for plane or car travel with bored and wiggly little ones. Maybe hot summer days will leave you all trapped indoors for long hours and you need new ways to keep the kids entertained and you sane without so much screen time. Maybe you are just so tired after the end-of-school wrap up that you can’t even comprehend the coming weeks. The Welcome To Summer resources and printables pack is here to help. In it you’ll find help planning, finding fun things to do, easy and simple recipe ideas, and a whole list of life hacks for moms who want a little vacation, too. Welcome to Summer resources and printables pack :: www.nurturedmama.net

What’s inside

  • Monthly calendars for June, July, and August, so you can visualize your schedule.
  • A Summer Manifesto to list the activities and experiences most important to you – before the weeks get away from you!
  • A printable meal planner and grocery list, to streamline your meals and erase the late afternoon “What will I cook?” stress.
  • Printable To Do Lists so you can be clear on what you need to get done. So you don’t have to think about it while you are relaxing!
  • A massive list of ideas for activities to do with the kids. Inside, outside, crafty or not, I’ve got you covered.
  • Recipe ideas for meals, snacks, treats and drinks (both adult beverages and kid-safe).  All of them simple, healthy and using the bounty of the warm season.
  • 15 hacks to make your life easier this summer. Because Mama should get a vacation, too.

You don’t need to stress about summer. You can make it easier. For just $5.99, you can download the Welcome To Summer resources and printables pack now.

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Doña Bumgarner, author of nurturedmama.net

About me

I’m a mom, an artist, a writer and a change maker. I think organizing things like time and projects is fun, which I know is a personality quirk that not so many people share.

I also deeply believe that in order to take care of the little and big people we love most, us moms MUST take care of ourselves first. This product brings together my organizing tips to make your life easier and more efficient with my encouragement and guidance on how to let yourself take it easy this summer.

Because moms deserve a summer vacation, too.
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