Are you frustrated, overwhelmed, or bored in your life? Do you “have it all” but something is still missing?

Do you start the day overwhelmed by the things you need to do, yet none of them are things that excite you?

Do you wonder what you want, like you’ve lost track of yourself?

Do you yell at your kids or your partner, but don’t know what set you off in the first place?

It doesn’t have to be like this. 

You can feel peaceful, grounded and connected to your life.

My name is Doña Bumgarner and I’m a life coach who specializes in working with women who want to have more peace and connection in their lives.


The women who work with me are uncomfortable and ready for change.

Clients come to me because:

  • They checked off the boxes they thought they were supposed to – home, partner, 2.5 kids, picket fence – and yet they are still unsatisfied and empty.
  • They are in the midst of a big transition – new baby, divorce, new relationship, career change – and are lost and unsure of themselves.
  • They are having the same fight over and over with their partner and can’t figure out why they are so stuck.
  • They lose their temper and yelling and then hating themselves for it.
  • They have goals but so many things are demanding their attention they can’t get to what they want for themselves.
  • They are frustrated and exhausted and wonder if they are a good enough mother.

This work isn’t about making your life perfect. Life is never perfect. That’s a bill of goods our culture sells us that just isn’t true. There is no happily ever after. Life is often messy, sometimes uncomfortable, and always changing. Being different is an act of courage and courage is a muscle you can build.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t also be happy and peaceful. Happiness is a process, a daily practice. It is not a static destination. 


“Working with Doña is like talking with a close friend, in all the best ways possible. She’s warm and open. She never tries to “fix” things, but is right next to you, supporting you and helping you navigate whatever it is you’re focusing on. I always left our sessions with new insights and feeling better about moving forward.”  – Stephanie Cleary


I believe the most important work you can do as a mother, and as a woman, is to nurture and know yourself. Your inner awareness and innate resilience are the keys to creating a guidebook for your individual perfect and happy life. 

I believe if you learn to pay attention – to your heart whispers, to your body’s messages, to your own inner wisdom – you will find you are joyful and content more often. You will know what needs to change when things feel off and you will have the courage to make those changes.

 your personal guidebook

I know this is true because I’ve lived it.

When I was 37, I decided to leave the impressive and well-paid career I was in because secretly I hated it. A few weeks after I gave notice, I discovered I was pregnant. I wasn’t married to my baby’s father, and we’d only been dating for a short while. Starting a family right then was definitely not the plan.

Six years later that man and I have weathered big joys and low lows. We’ve stumbled through uncertain periods in our relationship and couple counseling. We’ve weathered a complicated custody situation, step-parenting, two miscarriages and losing both of our fathers to terminal cancer in the same year. I parented solo during periods when we lived apart, and I survived a round with breast cancer and the long recovery from the intense treatment that required.

We have also traveled the world. I’ve changed careers (twice). We’ve learned how to communicate our deepest fears and wishes to each other with respect and clarity. We learned to set boundaries and make hard choices. We have learned how to parent mindfully and our daughter is thriving. We have loved each other so deeply, even through the hard times.

I know a lot about messy. My life is still a mess by many measures, but I’m living it wide and deep. I’m in tune with what is most important and I make room every day for the self care I need to stay grounded and strong. Although my life does not look perfect by many standards, I am happy in it.

This is what I can help you do – develop your own guidebook to live the width and breadth of your life, whatever that life looks like

  • Develop your inner compass, so you can always check in and determine if you are on or off track.
  • Identify what you want in your life – whether that life is “normal” or very unusual.
  • Get confident at saying No to some things and saying Yes to the right things.
  • Develop your personal self care practices that will keep you grounded.
  • Learn to give yourself grace when you make mistakes or stumble and learn to trust your capacity for resilience.
  • Learn to walk with fear and be brave, anyway.


“After two sessions, my overwhelm and stress is subsiding. Doña’s support has helped me break down tasks which leaves me feeling organized calm and successful. With gentleness and honesty, her coaching is great for accountability and feedback. Highly recommended! – Michelle Medina


When You Work With Me

I recommend working with me for 6-12 sessions, because that is often how long it takes to identify the deeper issues that are keeping you stuck and learn new practices. (I also offer individual 50-minute sessions if you just have one targeted thing you want to shift.)

When you sign up for a 3-month package, you will receive:

  • Detailed pre-work that will help you get clear on your goals and give me a reference for when I can’t remember if Boomer is your dog or your son’s nickname.
  • Two 50-min phone sessions per month. In these calls we’ll together to define the areas in your life you most want to shift, and work through all the feelings, fears, and resistance that can come up when you are working on change.
  • Personalized exercises and action plans to help lead you forward between sessions.
  • Email support so we can stay in touch with me between sessions and I can address any issues that come up and hold you accountable for what you are working on. I want you to feel like I’m right by your side!

I know the difference between a life that looks good and a life that feels good, and I want you to feel good.


Doña listens with a deep heart and helps me reframe with such wisdom that I have shifted how I relate to my overwhelm and habit of overcommitting.  Her warmth and strength shine through the phone and I am deeply grateful for our work together! – Tamara Doi Beck


Are you ready?

Hiring a coach means you are making a decision to be an active participant in your life. As your coach, I will be your cheerleader, visionary and confidante as you write the guidebook for your own life.

Click here to schedule your free 30-minute session so we can talk about what is going on in your life and how we can work together.

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