Beautiful Mother's Day Gifts From Uncommon Goods

The Uncommon Goods Mother's Day collection has some really nice picks for the mom in your life. :: www.nurturedmama.netThis week I’m teaming up with Uncommon Goods to share with you some fun Mother’s Day gift ideas.I picked Uncommon Goods as a partner because I appreciate they way they do business. They feature unusual and often handmade products - over half of what they sell is handmade - and share stories of their designers and makers in both their catalogs and on their blog. I love seeing the real people who are making the things I’m buying and I always love a peek into a maker’s studio!I also want to give them a high-five for their commitment to the environment and running a sustainable business. Uncommon Goods is a registered B-Corporation, which means they meet a stated and high standard on a range of progressive issues, including wage levels (their Brooklyn warehouse workers’ wages start at 50% higher than local minimum wage), environmental impact (a third of their products incorporate upcycled and recycled components) and giving back to the community (they donate $1 from each order to one of several non-profit organizations).I also find their web site really easy to navigate and they have really well-curated gift collections.  You can see their Mother’s Day collection here and a wider collection of gifts for moms here.The Uncommon Goods Mother's Day collection has some really nice picks for the mom in your life. :: www.nurturedmama.netThey sent me two products to try. The first of them is a Flavor Infuser Water Bottle (see it here). This glass water bottle has a BPA-free plastic insert that holds fruit or herbs and a sealing lid so you can fill it and carry it with you without worrying about leaking (always an issue with my metal Klean Kanteen bottle!). I was really excited about this bottle because I need to be drinking more water and I love infused water. Spring time is a great time to explore infused water flavors, as so many fruits and herbs are hitting the market and my garden right now. I’ve tried lemon-basil and lemon-mint water, and today I’m drinking lemon-strawberry (my lemon tree was very productive this winter!). For tomorrow morning, I've cut up some lime leftover from a margarita and part of a peach that wasn't quite ripe enough for my daughter's taste.Since I’ve been using this bottle I’m definitely drinking more water. I’m also talking about drinking water with everyone, because when it is all filled with fruit it is beautiful and everyone who sees it asks me about it! It fits perfectly in the cup holder in my car and because it seals well I can tuck it into my purse when my hands are full. My only real concern with this bottle is that I’m going to drop it and break it. I love the idea of drinking out of a glass container, but I'm kind of a klutz.You can find this glass bottle here and a similar non-glass bottle here.The Uncommon Goods Mother's Day collection has some really nice picks for the mom in your life. :: www.nurturedmama.netThe second item I received is this lovely and delicate necklace (see it here). If you’ve been reading here long you’ve heard me talk about the mindfulness practice of being present in the moment, and this sweet little necklace is reminder of that practice for me. It is simple and understated - just my style. I love it. There are also matching earrings from the same artist (see them here). This set would be a lovely gift for a mama who needs a reminder to slow down and be present.The Uncommon Goods Mother's Day collection has some really nice picks for the mom in your life. :: www.nurturedmama.netJewelry is a great Mom’s day gift all around, and there are several really lovely pieces in the Mother's Day collection. I love the nesting birds design (here) and birth flower pendants (here). My favorite, though, is this modern locket design that can be customized with the birth stones of your children (see it here). So very sweet!Maybe you are shopping for someone whose sensibilities are a little less delicate, though? Check out this hilarious and on-trend ampersand cheese and cracker board, and these salt rock tequila glasses. No matter who you are gifting, you are sure to find something wonderful for Mother’s Day with Uncommon Goods.Which Uncommon Goods product would you most like to receive this Mother’s Day?PS - if you want to support other businesses that support the same kinds of causes as Uncommon Goods, you can find a directory of other registered B-Corps here.