4 Ways To Tell If You Need More Me Time Immediately, and How To Get It

This last week, I lost my temper and yelled at my daughter in the kitchen, while I was in the middle of making dinner. I don’t now remember what I was yelling about, or in what way she was digging her heels in that set off my frustration. If you have children, I expect you are familiar with dinner-hour arguing and how maddening it can be.

What I remember is my feeling of I have had enoughI corralled every resource I had to stop myself, turn off the stove, and calmly say, “I am going outside for a few minutes. Do not follow me.”
Four ways to tell if you need more me time immediately, and three proven ways to get it.

I sat on the front porch watching the sun set and listening to the birds, and thought about other times I had hit my limit and felt for the common denominator. I was exhausted. Work had been intense all week, so I was squeezing tasks into every margin. I had not made time to be creative. For me, that is what Me Time looks like: a few rows of knitting, some time with my art journal, a walk with my camera.…

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When Choosing To Quit Is Good Self-Care

Are you in a situation that feels miserable? You dread it. You think about it all the time, trying to sort out a way to make it better, or how to escape it. It might be a job or a project or a relationship. But still, you can’t imagine choosing to quit it. Why? Because quitting equals failure.

Or does it?

When choosing to quit is good self care.

We live in a culture that dreads and fears quitting. We call people “quitters” like it is a bad thing. Old adages, like, “Winners never quit and quitters never win,” replay in our heads, sometimes in the voices of our parents or childhood coach. Quitting is bad.

I disagree.

Choosing to quit a commitment is wise, when it is thoughtful and based in good self-awareness. In business, a company that stays committed to a market or product that is losing money would be silly, and might cause the company to go out of business. So why don’t we let ourselves quit something that is similarly failing? We keep trying and trying to make it work, but sometimes our desire to follow through on a commitment – taken too far – becomes detrimental to our own physical or mental health.…

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Just Say, “Thank You.”: Why it’s hard to accept a compliment and why you need to practice the skill

Here are a few ways to accept a compliment:

“You look so nice today!”

“Oh, this. I got it at Goodwill –  it was only $2!”


“This is such an excellent party.”

“Well, I can’t take credit. My husband did all the cooking…”


“That was a great presentation. I learned so much!”

“Oh, no, it was awful! I made so many mistakes. I was so nervous!”

Do any of these sound like you? When someone offers you a compliment or praise, do you squirm and redirect? Do you feel embarrassed or even ashamed of the attention? Do you wonder about the person’s motivations?

When you are offered a compliment, are you uncomfortable or at a loss for what to say? These tips will help you accept a compliment with grace and ease, and help you develop your sense of self-worth.

If so, you aren’t alone. This is something many women struggle with. I have struggled with it, too. At my daughter’s last birthday party, a good friend complimented me on the delicious cupcakes I had made. “Oh,” I said, “They’re just a box mix.” That was true, they were a box mix, but it was a low sugar, gluten free mix that I’d gone to two different stores to find, and I had spent my morning before the party piping the store-bought organic frosting into fancy swirled pillows on top of each cupcake. And she was right, they were delicious.…

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You Are Allowed To Have All Of It

You are allowed to like what you like, to dislike what you don’t.

You are allowed to put yourself first. You are allowed to be selfish, even if it makes others jealous because they don’t know how to be.

You are allowed to draw the line over which someone else may not cross and then draw again it as many times as you need to.

You are allowed to choose your babies over your career, or to choose to leave your baby to feed your brain and heart.

You are allowed to be specific about your needs.

You are allowed to have needs.

You are allowed to be messy and yourself. :: www.nurturedmama.net

You are allowed to live by your values, even if your values don’t quite match everyone around you.

You are allowed to feel sexy and act sexy, and tell your lover exactly what you like. Even if you don’t have a perfect body, or if you have scars (inside or out).

You are allowed to make mistakes and be messy and change your mind. You are allowed to have a mind, and opinions.

You are allowed to wear a swimsuit to matter what shape your body is. You are allowed to wear strappy tops even if you have big arms or scars.…

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10 Ways to Go Screen Free and Get Your Brain Back

Do you find yourself on Facebook or Instagram, scrollingscrollingscrolling and you don’t remember the moment when you actually picked up your phone? Are you arguing with your child when it is time for them to turn off their show or game and they whine, “But you’re looking at a screen!” Do you think about things you would like to do and then immediately wonder how you will photograph them, or what caption you might write about them? Have you looked over at your partner in the middle of a conversation and noticed that he’s actually looking at something on his phone? Felt utterly lost and disconnected when your internet is down?

How to reclaim your thoughts in one day :: www.nurturedmama.net

If you said yes to any of these things, don’t feel bad. Everything on this list is something I’ve done personally. And also: These things are not things I even want to admit to, let alone do. I don’t want to be looking at a screen as much as I’m looking at my people. I feel addicted. I’m tired of questioning my own creativity because everything on Instagram and Pinterest looks so perfect and effortless (even though I know those photos are curated and edited. I know it, but still I buy into the image of it).…

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10 Quick Ways to Create the Most Cozy Home

When you are at home, do you feel tense and on edge? Are you so busy thinking about the things you need to do that you are unable to relax and enjoy your family? Part of the problem may be your surroundings.

Look around your home. What emotion comes up as you take in your space? Do you feel cozy, welcomed, relaxed?

If not, it is time to make some changes.

I love to come home. Even when my house isn’t tidy, it is a cozy home. It feels warm and welcoming. There are beautiful things to look at, comfortable places to sit. Before I even knew the word, I knew it was my goal to have a hygge home.

Hygge (pronounced “HOO-ga”) is a Danish word that isn’t directly translatable, but generally means creating a warm atmosphere and enjoying the good things in life. It is a philosophy more than a decorating scheme, and it seems to work. Denmark, where the tourism pages talk about what is hyggelig just as much as they talk about what to see and do while visiting, frequently tops the lists of the happiest countries in the world.

What does having a cozy home have to do with being a peaceful mom? 

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Five Simple Ways To Create Your Happiest Holiday Yet

The pressure to create a perfect holiday is intense, especially for moms. You want to create all the magic, but the pressure of consumer-focused advertising make you feel like nothing you do is enough, even when you are exhausted from all you are already doing. You want a more simple holiday, but you are overwhelmed.

Let me tell you a secret that I have learned: You don’t have to exhaust yourself.  You can have a simple holiday that doesn’t feel like you are missing anything. You can have more connection, more magic, more fun.

Have a happy simple holiday! Five simple ways to create your happiest holiday yet.


For many years, seeing the first signs of holiday decor (and doesn’t it seem like that happens earlier and earlier every year?) didn’t bring me any cheer.

It just made me grumpy. Twinkle lights gave me tummy jitters.

The truth is that holidays aren’t joyful for everyone. Lots of us are out there putting our best face on while sitting somewhere on the spectrum between uncomfortable and complete anguish.

I felt all the looming expectations – to be happy, to enjoy every minute of time with my family, to give and get the best gifts, to be invited to and enjoy all the parties…

I knew I couldn’t live up to those expectations.…

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Four Steps to Get Your Kids Talking About Their day

Every day it goes something like this:

You wade through the pick-up line to see their smiling face waiting for you (or maybe scowling, if you have a moody tween). It has been hours since you saw them and you can’t wait to hear about what they learned and experienced while they were away from you.

“How was school today?” you ask, excited to hear all the details.


Want to connect better with your kids after school, but can't get them to talk? Four steps to get your kids talking about their day that are more effective than asking, "How was school today?"


It feels a bit like a door slamming in your face, doesn’t it? Each time you ask, you get a variation of the same. You really want to hear, but they really don’t want to tell you.

Or do they? My daughter was the queen of “Fine,” and “I don’t remember,” but I if I’ve learned that if hit her with just the right question, or give her a little quiet space while we drive, I get a gem of a story about her day. I love those little windows into her life away from me. They help me understand her better, which can only be good for our relationship.

But how do you prise out those gems when the mine is locked up with the word, “Fine,” scrolled across the front door?…

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Six ways to savor the end of summer

Someone asked me this week, “Are you sick of summer yet?” and I surprised myself by answering a hearty, “No!” For the first time in as long as I can remember, I’m holding on to the end of summer with joy.

Sure, my schedule is whack, my to-do list is stretching pretty long, and I don’t love the heat. But balancing that, I’m really enjoying the freedom to plan each day as it comes, long days, and going on adventures. We have almost four more weeks before my girl starts kindergarten, and I’m trying to pack in all the fun we can get in those days. We’re sleeping in, going swimming, having lots of art and reading time, and going on at least a few more adventures.

Summer isn't over yet! Six ways to savor the end of summer, whether you are sick of it, or holding on as long as you can. www.nurturedmama.net

Whether summer is wearing on you at this point or not, here are six ways you can savor the last little bit of the season.

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Hit a farmer’s market

The markets are booming with amazing and delicious food right now. If you haven’t been to a market yet this summer, get to one now! Plan a meal or two around the best of the season: Corn, peaches, peppers, squash, and berries are all at their best at the end of summer.…

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5 Tips to Shop Smarter at the Farmers Market

The gorgeous and bustling farmer’s market draws you like a magnet, but as soon as you enter you feel overwhelmed. You have your shopping bag and your small bills, but you realize you have no idea what to buy. What will you cook with this stuff? What even is that vegetable?

No need to be overwhelmed! Shop smarter at the farmers market by keeping just a few tips in mind.

shop smarter title image

Note: This post contains affiliate links. If you choose to purchase a product after clicking through a link I will earn few cents from the sale at no additional cost to you. This income helps to support this blog. Thank you!

Make a Plan

Shopping without a list is always dangerous, no matter where you are. You end up with things in your cart you weren’t planning to buy, and then you get home and realize you forgot the one thing you really need for dinner. Shopping without a list at a busy market is just as dangerous. Yet making a list for a seasonal market is a skill that takes some practice. You have to have a sense for what’s in season (see below), and what you’re going to make, as well as knowing how much you need and can reasonably consume in a week.…

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