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  • Setting down the heavy weight of needing to be perfect.
  • Finally developing sustainable ways to take care of yourself, so you that you have all the energy and attention to do the things you want and love to do.
  • Feeling totally at home in your body, exactly as it is.
  • Being able to let go of comparing yourself to a mythical Good Mother and embracing the wonderful woman you already are.

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“I haven’t been reading your blog that long, but it resonated with me as a great place to find inspiration, practical tips and be reminded I’m not alone in my motherhood journey.” – Elizabeth Spencer
“Your writing is so real, so honest. just wanted to say that I so appreciate what you share and put out into the world!” – Carolyn Eicher
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Does this feel familiar?

Doña BumgarnerYou buy clothes for the body you wish you had, or you don’t spend money on clothes for yourself at all.

You lay awake at night worrying if you are a good enough mom for your kids.

You’ve spent thousands on classes, but you still don’t feel confident enough to show your art or writing to anyone else.

You just said “Yes” AGAIN to volunteer when you really don’t want to, but you’re afraid of what people will think if you said “No.”

You feel let down constantly by those close to you because they aren’t supporting you the way you need, but if you are honest you’ve never told them what you need (and maybe you don’t even know what you would say).

It doesn’t have to feel like this. You are not broken. You are whole and valuable and worthy.

I believe it is time to stop waiting to feel “good enough” to begin living the lives we want to live.

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Doña BumgarnerHi, I’m Doña Bumgarner

I have walked this path myself.

Most of my life I have hung around at the edges. I preferred not to have too much attention on me. I have felt not good enough and also like I was “too much” for people around me.

• I have felt embarrassed when I received a compliment, even while craving the acknowledgment.

• I have kept quiet and played down my intelligence or natural leadership abilities when I thought I was making someone else uncomfortable.

• I felt like an imposter in my corporate job. I just couldn’t  believe I was good at what I was doing, even while I got promotion after promotion.

• I fought with my body, ignoring it and feeding it badly, because it didn’t fit the model of a “perfect woman” and never would.

• I thought the “good life” was for other people.

It wasn’t until I quit my corporate job and became a stay-at-home mom with hardly any support network that I learned to trust my own instincts and internal wisdom. I had to figure it out, so I began to.

Raising a girl made me question a lot of how I lived in the world. Did I want her to live like this? Small and contained and ashamed, believing somebody else was always more capable? Not even confident that I was a good mother?

No, I did not.

So I started living in a way that would be a better model for her:

• I walked away from relationships where I felt pressured to stay small to make somebody else feel better.

• I got clear on what was really important to me and started saying “No” to things that took my time and attention away from them.

• I learned to feel and trust my own instincts in parenting, and then in everything.

• I started questioning the voices in my head that told me I wasn’t good enough or thin enough or that I knew enough, and started just living anyway.

Flower in hands

The surprising thing was that when I quit working so hard to be loved, I could more easily let it in when it was offered. When I began to set boundaries, people started respecting me more. When I learned to be comfortable with making mistakes, I started achieving more. When I started putting my own needs first, there was more of me to go around.

I’m now adamant about loving myself and making time for myself because I know I’m a better mother, partner and business owner when my well is filled and I’m healthy. I’m clear that my needs are worth standing up for, in my relationship, in my life, in my career. I no longer try to be perfect at everything so I will be deserving of love. I know that I am deserving of love anyway. I can choose what I want to create in my life and go after it, even when the process is messy and uncertain – this business, my painting practice, a beautiful relationship with my partner – and I no longer wait for anyone’s permission to begin. I’m not perfect, but I’m resilient.

This is the gift I want to give to you – the knowledge that you are enough, right here where you are. That you don’t need anyone’s permission to begin. That you are deeply worthy of love, without needing to hide or change anything about yourself to earn it.

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