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In the first few weeks of my daughter’s life, I was in deep culture shock.  I was so in love with this tiny person, but grieving for my old life that felt suddenly and irrevocably over.

I needed so badly to hear that I wasn’t alone, that I would find my way through this bewildering newness, that my confidence would grow, that the me I was before wasn’t erased (though she may be changed).  I needed encouragement to process my fears and sadness and support in learning how to care for myself in the new landscape of my life.  I needed tools to manage the chaos of life with small children and reminders to cherish these moments (of newborn-ness, or toddler-ness, or teenager-ness) because they are fleeting. I needed encouragement to hold fast to the ribbons of my own dreams. I needed someone to teach me to trust my intuition and listen to my heart and tell me their stories of stumbling and also moments of grace.

As my daughter grew, I needed tools to balance my introverted needs for quiet and solitude against the needs of my family. I wanted to hear how other parents come to parenting mindfully and with the courage to be vulnerable and admit it is hard and we don’t know all the answers.

This blog grew from my desire to make that place for other parents (however old their children may be) and build a community of other moms (and maybe some dads!) who are struggling and learning and always growing and dreaming. Welcome.

A few things about me:

  • I am a mid-life mama to a toddler and try to set a good example for the almost grown young man who lives with us (without assuming he needs another mama).
  • I am a freelance writer, artist, and photographer. If you love my writing, you can hire me!
  • Before deciding to stay home full-time I spent a decade managing people and projects at Apple, Inc. Before that I was a paralegal and legal secretary. Before that I worked in a costume shop. Before that I clerked in a library. When I grow up I want to be an artist.
  • I spent part of my childhood living off the grid.
  • I am unafraid of power tools or deep questions.
  • My favorite color is dark red.  Or sometimes plum.
  • There is never enough time to read all the books I want to read.
  • My kitchen specialties are avkolemeno soup, fresh lime margaritas, pomegranate martinis and sourdough bread.
  • I fight a constant battle between loving my creative clutter and wanting to get rid of everything and live in a cottage in the woods.
  • I believe there is good energy in things made from scratch and that the smell of baby heads and freshly-made bread are possibly the best things in the world.
  • I live on the Central Coast of California with my family, three cats and three chickens.
  • I love hearing from my readers and answer all your comments and emails as quickly as I can.

The cast of characters:

It is a delicate balance, writing about one’s family on the internet.  I want to respect their privacy, but I also want the freedom to tell my story, which of course involves them. What I write here is my perspective, my story, my experience.  Where I feel that I am sharing something someone in my immediate family may deem as too private I have committed to reviewing the post with them before publishing it. I also have chosen to replace the names of my family with nicknames. This is who you may meet here:

The Long-Haired Man, or LHM: My sweet, sensitive partner, friend, co-parent and adventurer.

The Bean: our daughter, a 3-year-old bundle of wonder and energy.

The Teenager: The LHM’s oldest child, just on the cusp of launching into his own adult life but still living at home with us.


From time to time I will post affiliate links to products or services I love and think you would find valuable. I will always clearly identify them as affiliate links. If you choose to purchase the item using one of my links I will earn a small amount of income from the company selling the item, which will not cost you anything extra. That income helps support this blog and our family.


All uncredited photos on this site are mine and all images and words are my property. Please be respectful and do not copy or re-use any images or material without my express permission to do so. Email me if there’s something you’d like to share with your own audience.

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