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I'm so excited and honored that you are here. Starting this week, you'll get a short series of notes from me, once a week, introducing you to my work and where you can find the content you're looking for. You'll also start receiving the weekly Nurture Notes Newsletter on Tuesdays with great content like this:

  • Articles about how to run your family and business more efficiently, ways to get super clear on how you spend your time (so you know you are investing in what's most important to you), time management tips so you can get more done in less time (and then have more time for rest or play), ways to be more present with whatever you are doing (a sure-fire way to ease your guilt load), and connect more deeply with your family.

  • Nurturing Habit podcast episodes with discussion about how you can nurture yourself more deeply, and interviews with people who nurturing themselves and figuring out their own ways to balance family and business.

  • Offers and announcements about where you can find me speaking or teaching.

  • Early-bird announcements and information about my coaching work, programs, and online classes.

  • Invitations to take part in special offers or not-yet-released-to-the-public offerings.

I can't wait to get to know you and help you drop the guilt and build a life and business that thrive!Here are a few other things you can check out while you are here:


What will you do to nurture yourself today?