Put yourself back in your life

Are you a worn out mama who sometimes feels suffocated by your life? 

You’ve come to the right place. I can help you build a life you no longer want to escape from.


Mothering is harder than you ever expected.

You love your family with your whole heart, but your life doesn’t feel like you imagined it would feel. You aren’t even sure who you are any more, or what happened to the YOU you were before kids. 

You’re keeping things looking pretty good on the outside, but inside you are raging and grieving and desperately wishing there was more room for you and your dreams.

You want to feel like a good mom.
You want a little more control over your time and energy.
You just want to HAVE some time and energy.

You want to remember who you are again.

Take a deep breath, my friend. There is nothing wrong with you. And we can fix this. 

Don’t want you to wait until your life falls apart to make it better.

How great could your life feel? What does it mean to be a good mom?

Who do you want to be?

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Hi, I’m Doña - mama, coach and host of the Nurturing Habit podcast.

I’m a California native, and I have chickens in my backyard to prove it. I love my red cowboy boots, books, knitting and painting, and analyzing GOT episodes and plot threads with my guy. I’m mama to an 8-year-old roller derby girl who keeps me on my toes on the daily.

I left my career as a project manager at Apple to build my family, and then life went a little sideways. When I came up for air, I didn’t recognize myself any more. Finding my way back to myself is what let me to my work as a coach for moms like you.

I believe the stress and expectation of modern motherhood is harming families, and mothers especially. I believe that women should be able to define for themselves what a good mother is.

I want to help you build a life and a relationship with yourself that doesn’t drive you to run away into Instagram’s pretty pictures or a 4oz pour of red wine at 6pm just so you can make it to bedtime. Mothering is hard, and honorable, but it doesn’t have to break you or to define you.


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 You know there is more to life than mothering… but you can’t quite remember what that life looks like.

And when you’re really honest, the daily story of this life just feels empty. The fairytales don’t say what happens after the storybook wedding. Does the princess just hang out in the castle all day long, wiping butts and waiting for the prince to come home? That’s a super boring story.

You can be the heroine in your own tale.




The Nurturing Habit podcast will help you step beyond “just” being a mom and build a life that lights you up every single day.

You matter and you are not alone.


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There is so much more to life than mothering. Learn how coaching can support the change you want in your life, and how working with me will get you finally feeling like you are creating the life you WANT to live.


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The place to find articles and resources about how find the space to be you, and how to feel more alive in your messy, beautiful life. You get to define what makes a good mom.

Doña was amazing. She not only gave me an extremely effective simple strategy to help balance my day, but I don’t feel guilty about the time because she showed how to incorporate into my normal day. I highly recommend working with Dona, you’ll feel better almost immediately.
— Robyn O’Brien
Doña would ask the smartest and most pointed questions that led me to spew a bunch of jumbled thoughts I never really realized I had, and then a few minutes later, after a brief and thoughtful pause, she would say, “So here’s what I hear you saying...” and she would put that jumble into a clear and manageable package that we could work with and learn from, in partnership, together. It was like having a very REAL and thoughtful and perspective friend who is the best listener, there to help me be my best self and lead me to my best life.
— Rachel Nichols
She was exactly what I thought she would be: Caring, intuitive, honest, curious, and kind. She challenged me in just the right way and caught the little hints I didn’t even know I was giving - that were exactly what I needed!
— Caryn Gillen