You don’t feel like a heroine.

Is this really it?

You know there is more to life than mothering… but you can’t quite remember what that life looks like.

Motherhood is a noble job, we all agree on that. But somehow in the midst of that mothering, you lost yourself. Because this sure isn’t the ideal life story with 2.5 kids and a picket fence you were expecting.

There was that medical diagnosis that upended your life, the marriage that went sideways, those issues at the school that you are constantly managing, and the parents who are rapidly aging and needing more and more help. You’ve just been dealing with crisis after crisis, hoping you can keep it all together, and that other moms aren’t judging you. Because lord knows, you judge yourself plenty.

And when you’re really honest, the daily story of this life just feels empty. The fairytales don’t say what happens after the storybook wedding. Does the princess just hang out in the castle all day long, wiping butts and waiting for the prince to come home?

That’s a super boring story.

You remember who you were before kids, right?

  • You were strong and had a vision.

  • You had dreams and ambitions.

  • You knew what you wanted and you knew you were going to change the world.

  • The wind was at your back and you were going places.

And then life happened. Kids happened. All the obligations of raising a family with curveballs happened. And now you feel like the wind has gone out of your sails and you are adrift in the Sea of WTF I Didn’t Ask For This. You feel like a worn-out mess. Even when there is no crisis at the moment.

You know in your heart that you are doing a great job at momming, but is this it? Is the best of you just The Mom? This life just feels so … small. You want more than this.

You are so much more than just a mom.

That fierce, brave woman is still in there, even though she’s a bit frazzled with wiping butts and noses.

You want to stop waiting to be rescued and step back onto your own life’s path. You know there is work that you were put in this life to do, and you want to be doing it.

You want to connect with your own purpose again, and have the time and energy to do something about it.

You want to be living your passions, to be crystal clear about what your heart is truly longing for.

You want to set an example for your kids and live the life of someone who is going after their dreams.

You want to be a fearless and powerful heroine in your own story. You want to slay your own dragons.

You are not the helpless princess in this story, you are a freakin’ warrior woman.


Hell yes you can be the heroine.

I work with moms like you who know that there is much more to life than mothering - but they aren’t sure what it is. Their life hasn’t turned out quite like they intended, and until now they have just been spinning the plates and trying to keep up. I help them unearth their passions and step back into their fierce, powerful selves, so they can live a life far bigger than just being Mom.

I know what it feels like to have life go sideways, and then wake up one morning and wonder what happened to the storybook life you thought you were going to have. After a couple of miscarriages, a cancer diagnosis and a fractured relationship, this story is my story, too. But I have come out the other side of it powerful and roaring.

I don’t want you mouldering away in any dank castles waiting for someone to save you. I want you to write yourself back into your own life story as the woman who saves herself. Or maybe you’d like to be the dragon. You choose.

After this program, you will…

  • Reconnect with your passions, which are the essence of knowing your powerful self.

  • Make space to listen to the deepest whispers in your heart so you know where you want your story to go.

  • Make an outline for your new heroine’s journey so that you can start living it right away.

The Heroine's Story is a 12-week coaching program that includes all of this for $659:


The Back Story

Knowing where you’ve been and what you’ve survived is powerful stuff. Before we get on the phone, you’ll have a chance to write it all out and celebrate it. I’ll also guide you in an exercise to reconnect to your heart’s whispers. What do you really want? This is the first step to finding out.

The Narrative

Next we’ll hop on the phone for 60 minutes every two weeks (5 sessions total) to unearth the real you. We’ll clear through the crap and the daily routines to find the fierce beating heart you have underneath it all. I know we may find some grief here, and there’s room for that, too. I’ll help you connect with yourself again, that warrior I know is in you, and we’ll come up with a plan for how she can start to live in your life again, starting now.

The Adventure Begins

Between coaching calls, you’ll go out into the world with a quest (every hero needs one, right?). This will be a specific activity based on your desires and passions that we unearthed in your coaching. You’ll have two weeks to stretch your wings and start making room for this new you in your real life.

The Ever Afters

At the end of our 12 weeks, we’ll have a final call where we’ll look at where you where, where you’ve adventured and what you’ve slayed, and where you are still headed. I’ll get out my magic mirror and reflect back your new image to you, so that you’ll leave this program confident that you have a new story unfolding, and that you are firmly on the path toward it.


After completing The Heroine’s Story program, you will finally feel like you are creating the story you WANT to live. You are a mother, but also so much more. No longer will this chapter of your life feel like a limitation, but just a part of the whole, unfolding tale.

Are you ready to create your own story?

Step 1: Click the button below to schedule your Narrative Session and pay for The Heroine’s Story.

Step 2: Fill out your Back Story worksheet – you'll find the the link to it in the confirmation email for your session. Complete it at least 24 hours before your call.

Step 3: Call in for your session, and together we’ll start storming the Castle of  Life-Has-Got-To-Be-More-Than-This!!!

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What customers are saying:

Working with Doña is like talking with a close friend, in all the best ways possible. She’s warm and open. She never tries to “fix” things, but is right next to you, supporting you and helping you navigate whatever it is you’re focusing on. I always left our sessions with new insights and feeling better about moving forward.
— Stephanie Cleary
Doña asked the smartest and most pointed questions that led me to spew a bunch of jumbled thoughts I never really realized I had, and then a few minutes later, after a brief and thoughtful pause, she would say, “So here’s what I hear you saying...” and she would put that jumble into a clear and manageable package that we could work with and learn from, in partnership, together. It was like having a very REAL and thoughtful friend who is the best listener, there to help me be my best self and lead me to my best life.
— Rachel Nichols