You have so much to do.

You have lists of tasks vying for your attention everywhere, including the to do list running circles around your mind. Yet you never really know what to do or how to make sure everything gets done.You forget things and miss deadlines, and when you are in the middle of one thing you remember something else that’s more urgent so you jump over to that…Your house is a wreck, you have piles of unfolded laundry and your inbox is jammed and there is never any time to take care of YOU. Everything is a jumbled mess of “should” and “could” and there is no order to what to do when or why. You feel guilty and ashamed that you can't seem to keep on top of stuff.You wish that:

  • you could sit down to your desk and know exactly the action you need to move your life and business forward.

  • you could get your work done and feel like you have time free for stuff that you enjoy.

  • you had a system to keep track of due dates and deadlines that you could trust.

  • when you are with your kids you could have a clear mind, not be distracted by what you left unfinished somewhere else.

  • your day had some structure, so you know how much time you have, and so that some time was left over just for you.


Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You have scraps of paper with partial lists in your kitchen, your bathroom, your bag.

  • You’ve tried using a planner (or a few), but after a week or two you abandon them.

  • When you are with your kids you are thinking about the work you left undone, and when you are working, you are thinking about the stuff you need to do for your family.

  • You can’t remember the last time your house was really clean - or you find yourself cleaning when you know there are more urgent things you could be doing

  • The idea of self-care sounds like a luxury that other people get, because there’s just no time in your life for that.

This doesn’t have to be your life any more.

I work with creative entrepreneurs like you, who want to do meaningful work and also be awesome moms with less guilt and more focus.

I’ll help you get control of your To Do list and get some time back, so your whole life feels more in control and you can begin to regain that balance you crave so much.

As a result of this coaching program, you will...

  • Get that tangle of tasks out of your brain and organized onto paper so you know what to do next and then what to do after that. The best part? This process takes about 10 minutes and you can use it over and over.

  • Understand the one reason why you keep buying planners that don’t work for you and free yourself from the planning systems entirely.

  • Learn the secret to being more focused and productive so you have time in your life to do less.

  • Identify the thing that keeps you saying yes to too many things, and how one small shift can free up hours in your life every week.

  • Have an actionable plan to offload the tasks that are eating up your time and energy and not moving you toward your goals.

  • Create a basic structure for your day, so you can have time for your work, your kids, and also for you (and can still roll with the daily changes that are bound to arise).


To Do List Rescue includes all of this for $197:

The Brain Dump

Get that list out of your head! I’ll send you a list of questions that will allow you to air all your frustrations about what is currently not working and help you envision how organized and on top of everything you’d like to be.Visioning is a powerful tool for change, and it also helps me to understand how your brain works, and what tools will work best for you.

The Rescue Session

Next, we’ll get on the phone or on Skype for 90 minutes. I’ll help you create a working structure for your day (and your life!) and help you set up systems that will make tracking your tasks so much easier.I'll share some of my best productivity hacks. This isn't about you being busier, but about creating bigger margins in your life, so you have more time to rest and have fun (remember fun?).We’ll also put YOU back on your to-do list and make sure you stay there.

The Systems Check

Once you are armed with your new tools and a plan, you’ll try them out in your life for two weeks. You’ll keep track of what’s working for you (yay!) and where you are still struggling (no need for guilt - I'll help!).

The Check Up

We’ll get back on the phone for 30 minutes to review what’s working and what isn’t, and I’ll give you more tools or systems if you need them.Experience the freeing power of a To Do list that actually works.I will free you from that overwhelming To Do list and make you feel like you are in charge of your time and how you spend it. You will have the systems in place so you are on top of All The Things and also have space for you.


Are you ready to feel in charge of your time?

Step 1:  Click the button below to schedule and pay for your Rescue Session.

Step 2: Fill out your Brain Dump worksheet - the link to find it is in the confirmation email for your session. Complete it at least 24 hours before your call.

Step 3: Call in for your session, and let's rescue you from that To Do list!

To Do List Rescue coaching package. Experience the freeing power of a To Do list that actually works.

To Do List Rescue coaching package. Experience the freeing power of a To Do list that actually works.

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What customers are saying about To Do List Rescue:

Imagine a punchy little package that helps you put your brain in order - that’s this! Doña packed so much goodness into such a little amount of time that I was shocked (even though I knew she’s good at what she does!) Even though I still do feel overwhelmed sometimes, I can easily get out of it with the simple tools she gave me, get my mind back on track and figure out what I *actually* have “to do”. I was able to easily tap in to what’s really important to me and build my life around that (even though that means that the laundry doesn’t *always* get put away. Okay, fine - it usually doesn’t. But that’s okay too.)
— Chaya Shifra Sadoff, owner of KinderWink Sleep Consulting
The best thing I learned? Doing a brain dump with Doña and sorting out my tasks, I realized not everything was the emergency I thought it was. In fact some things could be completely taken off the list!
— Dani Bates, owner of Dani Bates Coaching