Get Back in Control Of Your Life

A free workbook for mamas who are struggling to balance all the pieces of their lives.

If you’re ready to get out from under guilt and overwhelm but don’t know how to build a working action plan for your life, this workbook is for you.


You’ll learn…

  • How to stop living your life based on everyone else's wants, needs, and schedules and take back control of your time and energy.

  • How to get clear on exactly what you want to do, and how to make more hours by saying “no” to everything else.

  • The 5 steps to creating an action plan that supports the life you really want,.

  • Exactly how to feed your soul, so you can connect with your inner super woman and take control of your life.

  • A simple planning system you can use over and over, so you can go from feeling overwhelmed and back to crushing it, every time.

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Get back in control, own your time, and ditch the mommy guilt.

What people are saying about this workbook:

I really love this workbook. Everything is laid out so well, the instructions are very clear, and it flows so well throughout. Some of the time exercises you had in your workbook were awesome to help me really look at where my time is going and what I can say no to in order to make more time for the things I really want to do.
— Kerri Grace
OMG, I can’t believe it!!! I committed to doing the workbook with my morning coffee so I woke up, made my cuppa and actually started and finished something!! I feel like I want to use it daily and weekly to set goals. I see the perfect setup for my journal.
— Tersa Headen