3 Herbal Bath Tea Recipes for Every Mother (Who Needs a Break)

Mama needs a break. Shut that door and give yourself a little self care with one of these easy DIY herbal bath teas. :: www.nurturedmama.net

Last week I had a “Calgon Take Me Away!” kind of day. I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and it all went downhill from there. A hot bath (alone!) behind a locked bathroom door sounds pretty good any time, but on that day it was totally necessary. During my little one’s nap, I ran a bath, dropped one of my rejuvenating herbal tea bags into the hot water and by the time I emerged I was a new woman.Here are three simple bath tea recipes that every bath-loving mama should have on hand. One for relaxation, one for rejuvenation, and one sensual blend for when your spirit is willing but your body is just worn out from wrangling kids. Run a bath with a bag of this tea after your kids are in bed and make a date to meet your sweetie in bed for an early night. Better yet, invite him to join you in the tub!Be a little cautious, here, though. Herbs are potent.  More is not necessarily better in this case! A small muslin bag or tea bag (3x4”) is enough for a full bath tub and you can re-use it once or twice for a milder bath. Your tea bath should only be very lightly colored.  If the water dramatically changes in color, remove the tea bag, let some water out and dilute the solution by adding more water to the tub. Do not soak for longer than 20 minutes and do not use lotions or other body oils after you get out.  Just dry off with a soft towel.Each of these recipes makes enough for two or three bags. Just mix the ingredients together in a bowl and divide into muslin or paper bags. Let the herbs steep in the hot water for a few minutes before you climb in. You can also store the mixture in a small jar in the bathroom and use a mesh tea ball, or just pour a couple of tablespoons of herbs directly into the water.Some of the links to products in these recipes are affiliate links. If you make a purchase using one of these links I will receive a small payment, at no additional cost to you. This income helps to support this blog and my family. Thank you!

Relaxation Bath Tea

2 tablespoons lavender buds2 tablespoons chamomile flowers2 tablespoons marjoram leaves

Rejuvenation Bath Tea

2 tablespoons peppermint leaves2 tablespoons rosemary leaves1 tablespoon dried lemon or orange peel1 teaspoon green tea1/2 cup epsom salts

Sensual Bath Tea

2 tablespoons lavender buds2 tablespoons rose petals or buds2 tablespoons orange flower blossoms4 drops rose or jasmine essential oil (optional) 


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