5 Ways To Find More Energy When You've Hit The Wall

5 tips for finding more energy when you need to power it up. :: www.nurturedmama.netWintertime is my least energetic time of year. I want to curl up under a blanket, in front of a fire, and read or knit or nap.As much as possible I do those things. My natural cycle is to be slow in the winter and active and productive in the warmer months. I try to honor that.But some days I really need to get a bit of hustle on and get things done. On those days, I've learned a few tricks to wake my body up and dig deep to find more energy.If you are feeling sluggish and need a move on today, here are five ways to get yourself going.

1. Move Your Body

It is the last thing I want to do when I'm feeling sleepy, but getting your body moving is the easiest way to wake up. Have a five minute dance party, go for a quick walk, or just do a few yoga stretches (this site shows 10 two-pose combinations that are great energy builders).

2. Drink Some Water

Adequate hydration supports good circulation and efficient muscle function. If you are feeling sluggish, drink a glass of water to help your body function in top form, which will help you feel more energetic.

3. Reduce Stress

While reducing stress is generally not something you can fix quickly, there are ways to help you feel less stressed in the moment, which will give you focus and clarity to get things done. Do a brain dump, clear a few things from your calendar, or spend just five minutes meditating.

4. Eat A Healthy Snack

I crave cookies when I'm dragging, but cookies are counter productive - they just make me sleepier! Instead, make yourself a nutrient dense snack that will give you fuel to burn for a few hours. A good rule of thumb is a combination of healthy carbohydrates and protein - apple slices and peanut butter or crackers and hummus. This article has a few good suggestions for energy-producing snacks.

5. Change the Scenery

Sometimes fatigue is more situational than physical. If you've been concentrating on one task for a long stretch and are flagging, get up and do something  else for a while. Engage your brain in a different way for at least 15 minutes before you return to the task at hand. It will help, I promise!

What tricks do you have when you need an energy pick-me-up?