Brown Sugar Foot Scrub

Brown Sugar Foot Scrub :: nurturedmama.netThis time of year my skin is so parched. My lips are dry, my hands are scratchy, and my heels are cracking. This little jar in my shower has been a lifesaver.

It is so easy to make and feels so luxurious. If you need a last minute gift for someone or if you just need a little pampering in your shower every day, look no further.

Brown Sugar Foot Scrub

Makes 1/2 cup

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1/2 cup organic brown sugar1/4 cup softened organic coconut oil1 T aloe vera gel1/2 tsp tea tree oil15 drops peppermint essential oil1 Vitamin E oil capsule, opened (optional)

Mix together all ingredients and store in a small jar. I like these small Weck jars.

To use, massage a dime-sized amount onto each foot. Coconut oil melts at 76 degrees, so whatever is not absorbed by your skin will wash away pretty easily. But still, be careful getting out of the shower!

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