Soul-Fed Mama

Soul-Fed Mama: 31 tips to getting grounded, inspired and energized in your mothering and your lifeDo you feel exhausted, overwhelmed, and frustrated with your life? Would you like more energy, more inspiration, more peace? Are you tired of reaching the end of your day and not having done anything that was just for you? Maybe you don't even remember what you did for yourself before the demands of kids and family took over your time and attention. Does your soul feel parched and hungry?I believe it is possible to be an awesome mama and still have time and energy for yourself.In fact, I think it is essential.  I believe in feeding your soul through self-care, mindfulness, setting limits and identifying the places where you need support.[Tweet "I think every mama should be a soul-fed mama."]I also believe doing these things will make you a better mama, partner and friend.Because in nurturing yourself, you have more to give to others. More excitement, more engagement, more attention and more love. 

31 tips to getting grounded, inspired and energized in your mothering and your life.

For the month of October, I will be sharing a daily suggestion for feeding your soul. I'll share stories about what has worked in my life and the lessons I've learned.I'll share wisdom I've gleaned from others and how I've tried to apply it. I'll confess a few failures, as well.I'll offer challenges for you to try and invite you to share your lessons and tips, too.Power yourself up before the holidays. Power yourself up for a better life.

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 Here are all the posts in the series:

  1. You Are Not Alone
  2. Just Breathe: Calm Down And Be A Better Parent
  3. Be Brave: Getting Past Fear To Do What You Want
  4. Eat Well To Feel Well
  5. Take Charge Of Your Mood
  6. Self-Portrait Sunday: Hands
  7. A Is For Apology
  8. 3 Ways To Be A More Playful Mama
  9. How To Use  Technology For Good
  10. How to Say No
  11. Make Room For Yes And Connect With Your Intuition
  12. Find The Beauty To Balance The Hard
  13. Self-Portrait Sunday: Feet
  14. Make Eye Contact To Make Heart Contact
  15. Find Your Delight
  16. Know Your Lullaby
  17. There Are Hundreds Of Ways To Kiss The Ground
  18. Quit The Mama Guilt
  19. Five Books To Feed Your Mama Soul
  20. Self-Portrait Sunday: Hair
  21. Make Big Progress In Just 15 Minutes
  22. Simplify One Thing
  23. There Will Be Hard Days
  24. 3 Easy Soups For Autumn
  25. Say No To Busy: How To Declutter The Calendar
  26. Music For Soulful Mamas
  27. Self-Portrait Sunday: Eyes
  28. Be Mindful Of Your Happy
  29. Conserve Your Introvert Energy
  30. Trust Your Gut
  31. What's Next? (Reader Survey and new ecourse email list)