Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day

Treat Yourself This Valentine's Day :: nurturedmama.netValentine’s Day is about love. This we know and accept. We make cards, we give flowers and chocolate, we send love letters.I love Valentine’s Day, and I love showing love. But I think I’ve been missing something.[Tweet "Valentine’s Day isn’t just for lovers. Take a moment and love yourself."]As moms, we spend every day taking care of everybody else. I think Valentine’s Day is a great day to show our own selves a little love. Who deserves it more?Here are 10 ways you can treat yourself for Valentine’s Day.

Sign up for a class focused on self care.

Vivienne McMasters is offering a deal on her 14-day Self Care Policies Class until Valentine’s day - just enter the code SELFLOVE for 50% off the registration. I’m currently in her 28-day class and I’m really enjoying it.

Take a mini retreat.

Schedule a little time (even if only an afternoon) to spend nourishing yourself. I love Liz’s Gift Of This Moment home retreat kit to give structure to this kind of solo retreat. It is full of easy and powerful practices you can do at home and comes with several guided meditation audio files. Liz is a self-love master - this is good stuff.

Spend some time with a book.

Dive into a novel that will take you away, find inspiration in a memoir, or learn something new with a good piece of non-fiction.Need some ideas? Here are some titles I’ve read recent or am reading now:

Buy yourself flowers.

I love roses, but not the kind you get from the florist. I love the blowzy, deeply scented old-fashioned ones you only find in the garden. I also don’t love the inflated prices of Valentine’s Day bouquets.But at this time of year I do so love the color and life of fresh flowers in my home. Check out your farmer’s market for fresh blooms, or look for barely-opening daffodils at the grocery - those harbingers of spring.And maybe buy them on Saturday, after the prices return to normal.

Dress up your morning cuppa.

I don’t know about you, but I spend a lot of time looking at the coffee mug over the course of a day. Wouldn’t it be nice if that view was inspiring?I love these inspirational mugs from The Universe Knows. My own favorite mug is from this line and reminds me to "be like water" every day.Or what about a gorgeous heart mug as a reminder to show yourself some love every day?

Write a mirror mantra.

Did you know white board markers will write on mirrors (and they are easy to clean off later)? Actually, any washable marker will do, so grab a color you like from your kid’s art supplies and decorate your bathroom mirror. Draw a frame around your face, tell yourself something you really need to hear.You are beautiful. You are amazing. You are enough.Stand in front of the mirror for five minutes and let those words sink in.

Have a spa day (or hour).

Take advantage of seasonal specials and treat yourself to some pampering. Get a pedicure, a massage, or a facial. You deserve it!

Feed your body.

What food will make you feel wonderful today? Maybe it is a special bar of dark chocolate, or maybe you are craving a green smoothie. If the weather where you are is cold, maybe what sounds most delightful is a steaming bowl of hot soup.Bonus points if you can find someone who will make it for you!

Buy yourself some jewelry.

Not any jewelry, but something that is meaningful for you. I love Liz Lamoreux’s collection of soul mantra pieces, from lockets to pendants to small talismans you can hold in your pocket.Or maybe what speaks to you is a cuff with an inspired phrase, like the ones Liz Eaton makes.Or maybe you want to honor your marriage or your children with a special personalized pendant like the ones from Lisa Leonard Designs. I love her little lovebirds necklace.

Show some love.

Sometimes the best way to feed ourselves is to give love to others. Show your love and appreciation for others today in a new and different way. Leave a love note in your child’s lunch box or tucked into your husband’s wallet.Craft some simple valentines and give them to people you appreciate but might not otherwise tell: That barista who always makes your coffee exactly the right temperature. The lady at the post office who has a smile for your small daughter. The friendliest bagger at the grocery store. The neighbor whose flowers you appreciate while walking your toddler around the neighborhood.

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