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At Nurtured Mama, I'm all about helping moms like you unearth their passions and step back into their powerful, intentional selves, so they can live a life far bigger than just being Mom.

I work with women who know that there is much more to life than mothering – but they’ve lost track of what it is. Their life hasn’t turned out quite like they expected, and until now they have just been trying to keep up.

But I know that while parenting can drive you to your limits, it doesn’t have to break you. I know that when you have a life beyond motherhood, you have so much more joy, patience, and life to bring to your family.

You can have a life with room for you in it, and you can be more than just a mother.

It IS possible to get what you need done, and still have time for you at the end of the day.

It IS possible to connect with your inner super woman, and build a life that lets you thrive.

I want to help you learn how to do these things. Are you ready?

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Doña Bumgarner, life coach, podcaster, cheerleader for moms

Doña Bumgarner, life coach, podcaster, cheerleader for moms