How to get free of judgment
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We’ve all done it. We’ve passed judgment on some mom for something she’s done (or not done). 

For being on her phone while she’s at the park with her kids.

For going back to work “so soon” after giving birth. 

For extended breastfeeding - or not. For sleep training - or not. For making handmade organic baby food - or not. 

And have you ever worried about what other people will think about your own decisions, for your own family? I’m guessing yes. 

The reality is that all this judgment isn’t helping any of us. But also, we can learn a great deal about ourselves if we are willing to get brave and look at why we pass judgement on others, and when. 

In fact, this might be the thing that allows you to break free of your fear of being judged by others and making stronger, clearer decisions that you absolutely know are right for you. 

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