What to do when your dream is unclear, with Cathy Krizik
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What do you do when there’s something you know you are meant to create, but you don’t have any idea how to make that thing happen?

That was the question Cathy Krizik was facing. Cathy is the author of 52 reasons for Hope: Finding Inspiration in Times of Trouble. She knew she wanted more fulfillment in her life, and she had a glimmer of a dream to write a book. Ten years later, she has published that book, and is joining me to tell us what she learned about the process of bringing that dream to life, alongside building a life that feels so much more meaningful.

Sometimes the process of building something is as important as the thing you are building, and sometimes a dream takes 10 years to come true. But with Cathy’s wisdom, you might get to your dream a whole lot faster!

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