Taking the stress out of feeding your family, with Amy Vig
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Every mom I know stresses about food an their family. Most of us are the primary food-producers and we're thinking about food and nutrition and how to get vegetables into our kid’s mouths more than we’d really like to admit. And it’s stressful, right?

Enter Amy Vig, who is mom, podcaster, and Natural Foods Chef. She turns parents into kitchen ninjas so that they can feed their families healthy food more often. Her passion is making healthy food delicious and sharing tips, tricks, and recipes that fit your REAL life.

Amy breaks down how to feed your family and makes it feel achievable, and even fairly simple. In this episode you’re going to hear about how Amy is a trained chef - and still doesn’t find feeding her family “easy” - so cut yourself some slack, ok? We talk about different approaches to meal planning and batch cooking that are all about saving you time and energy. Amy has tons of tips for making your family interactions around food and at the table so much easier. And she has some great ideas for picky eaters, as well as how to feed your athlete kids when all the practices land at dinnertime. Because when I’m doing the interview I get to ask the question I most need an answer to.

Self-acceptance is the theme for July, and I really encourage you to bring that sense of accepting yourself right where you are with this topic to this conversation. Take what’s useful and let go what doesn’t work for you or your family - you’ll hear a real-time example of exactly what I mean in the first half of this conversation.

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