Bonus : Kate Swoboda on building a courage habit - Episode 47
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How often have you wished you could just do something without being afraid? I know in my own life, fear is often the root of why I hold myself back, why I do not take that action or say the things I want to say. Schedule

Enter Kate Swoboda, who has literally written the book on this topic. Kate is author of The Courage Habit, creator of and Director of the Courageous Living Coach Certification, where I received my coaching training.

Kate firmly believes that the absence of fear is not the goal. The goal is to live comfortably with fear, and know how to work with it, and take the action you want to take anyway. It is because of Kate’s training and wisdom on this topic that I have braved so many of the very hard circumstances that have appeared in my life in the last few years with some amount of grace.

To learn how you can be more courageous and navigate the hard stuff in your life with much more ease, check out this week’s bonus episode with Kate Swoboda now.

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