Growing A Business Organically And Authentically, with Stephanie Lee


The work that fits your life best before you have babies is not likely going to be the same as the work that fits best after. Nor is is likely to look like the work that fits best when you kids get older, or after they move out.

That doesn’t mean it has to be a different business altogether, but what you and your family needs in those seasons is going to be really different.But how do you navigate those changes? How do you know what opportunities and ideas to pursue at any time, and how do you trust that if you don’t follow an idea, that you aren’t making a mistake?

Stephanie Lee is an artist, teacher, maker, and a mom, who has been navigating this windy path for a couple of decades now. 

I invited Stephanie to talk here because over the years I’ve known her, I’ve watched her business evolve over and over. Some years she’s doing gallery shows and others she’s selling her paintings online. Some years she’s making things out of metal and beads, and some years out of plaster and wax. Sometimes she’s touring and teaching a lot, and others she’s holed up writing a book.

Through all of this, she’s been growing her family, who are now all big and out of the house. Because I’ve always admired the apparent fluidity and ease with which she’s shifted and changed her work ofer all this time, I wanted to ask her about what that was really like, because as we all know, life is often not all pretty like it looks on Instagram (although Stephanie doesn’t hesitate to include her gritty bits on Instagram).

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