How to find more time to listen to more podcasts

10 great ways to listen to more podcasts

10 great ways to listen to more podcasts

If you've been around here for more than a few minutes, you'll probably be aware that I'm a strong advocate for making more time to do more of the things that you love. If listening to podcasts is one of those things, this post is for you!A while back, I polled listeners (and everyone else I talked to that week, let's be honest) about where they listen to podcasts. I got so many great ideas! Here they are:

10 great times to listen to a podcast

  • In the kitchen, while cooking or cleaning up - a small bluetooth speaker makes this really easy.

  • While folding laundry or doing other cleaning.

  • While doing yard work - you might want cordless headphones for this.

  • In the car - my personal go-to!

  • While walking or running - again, cordless headphones.

  • While working on a project - I listened to a bunch of episodes of Seth Godin's Akimbo while painting the inside of my new shed.

  • With your kids, if you listen to storytelling podcasts or are confident that the content is appropriate. A friend recently told me that she and her daughter like to listen to Nurturing Habit in the car!

  • While knitting, drawing or crafting.

  • While exercising at the gym, though for all the times I've been told my voice is calming, the gym might not be the best place to listen to THIS show.

  • While commuting by public transport - just be sure to download the episode before you go underground, if you are on the subway (ask me how I know).

Do you listen to podcasts in some other way? Share it in the comments below!

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