You Are Already Supermom

You Are Already Supermom :: nurturedmama.netOn those days when you are struggling, second-guessing yourself, not being the supermom you want to be, I want you to remember these five things.1. You grew a baby in your body. Or you opened your heart and arms to one. Either way, you offered up your body and heart to this calling.You Are Already Supermom :: nurturedmama.net2. You give up sleep, the best bites on your plate, the immediate pursuit of your personal dreams, and (more than) half of your pillow.You Are Already Supermom :: nurturedmama.net3. When you reach the end of your rope you find more rope.You Are Already Supermom :: nurturedmama.net4. You kiss boo boos, wipe bottoms and clean up vomit. You pick up toys, wear silly hats, and do all the voices for their favorite books.You Are Already Supermom :: nurturedmama.net5. You make sure they know they are loved, even when they are throwing tantrums, talking back, being surly teenagers, and otherwise acting unlovable.You don’t have to try to be a supermom. You already are.You already are.