Our Summer Manifesto

Make your own summer manifesto - free printable. :: nurturedmama.netLast year I made a list of things I wanted to do over the summer months and it was so incredibly helpful to have a guide to refer to. It also help me know when to say no to invitations or plans, when they didn't align with what I really wanted to do.This year I wanted to make a list, but I also wanted to make it super simple. Because full disclosure here: That cute little photo book I made from Ali's templates is still sitting on my desk, almost-but-not-quite-done.Awesome, and done. And now stuck on the side of the fridge where we can all see it!Want to make your own? You got it! Download the template here.If you want even more summer support, ideas, and efficiency (really, who doesn't want more efficiency?) I have a whole pack of summer-related printables available now. This manifesto sheet is in there, along with a menu planner, calendars, to-do list templates, summer-friendly recipe ideas and a ton of activity ideas for the kids. Also my favorite part: A full pace of life hacks for moms to create even more time and sanity for you in the next few months.  Click the button below to buy it now (just $5.99!) or go here to see more details.

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