Blogiversary! (and a giveaway)

Blogiversay and a giveaway from Nurtured Mama BlogNot quite one year ago, one day before my 4oth birthday, I launched this blog.I had no readers. I had a rough idea of what I wanted to write about, but I wasn't sure quite what it was going to look like.I tried a few things. I scratched many of them and tried a few more. I read reams on how to start a blog, how to find your blogging voice, and how to attract readers.And somewhere along the way, you guys started showing up. You leave me comments, you email me, you connect with me on Facebook and Twitter. Sometimes you pull me aside at playgroup, or after we chat at the grocery store about what our kids are up to and tell me you've been reading. I love hearing your stories and how my stories impact you. I love hearing from you.I've grown a lot more confident about what I'm doing and how I want to shape it. I have a vision of where I want to take this blog as a business (hint: it doesn't include a lot of advertising!)I'm having the best time!And this month, I've launched my first ecourse, which I'm really excited about. And I'm doubly excited to see the registrations rolling in, because that means you are excited about it, too. And that means so very much to me.So as a thank you, to celebrate my birthday and my blogiversary, I'm giving something back to you. Two things, actually.First, a seat in my class, because I really think you'll love it.Second, a copy of the book Mama Zen, by Karen Maezen Miller,because it is one of the very few parenting books I go back to over and over.To enter, just leave a comment on this post. Any comment. Just say hello!I will choose two winners by random number on the 29th, because the actual anniversary date is a holiday here. There will be one winner for each prize, so if you have a strong preference for one or the other let me know!Thank you so much for being a part of this journey with me.