Soul-Fed Mama: Self Portrait Sunday: Hands

Self-Portrait Sunday: Hands. Part of the Soul-Fed Mama series | www.nuturedmama.netOn Sundays throughout the month I will be inviting you to take and share a self-portrait.[Tweet "Mothers spend far too little time on the lens-side of the camera."]Self-portraits are a powerful way to explore how you see yourself.A number of years ago I did a 365 day self-portrait challenge. It was a profound and healing experience. I learned so much about how I perceived the space I took up in the world, and also the disconnect between how I believed others saw me and how I wanted to be seen.So just four times this month, I invite you to turn the camera on yourself and explore those issues just a bit.This week, let’s take a self-portrait of our hands.Self-Portrait Sunday: Hands. Part of the Soul-Fed Mama series | www.nuturedmama.netI remember when I noticed how similar my hands were to my mother’s. And how similar hers were to her mother’s. My grandmother gardened with her hands.  My mother gardens and writes with hers. I paint and garden and write with mine. We are so different in so many ways, but there, in our hands, you can see our family line. When my daughter was born, I could see her father in her upper lip and her eyes, and me in her ears and her smile. I wonder, will her hands look like mine, which look like my mother’s, which look like her mother’s? What will my daughter do with her hands?Take a photograph of your hands and share it on Instagram, Facebook or your own blog. Tag it with #soulfedmama so we can see each other’s photos.

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