Change your relationship with money, with Rachelle Magadan
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What’s your money story? We all have one. You’re bad with money. You’re a good saver. Money is bad, money is good.

For most women, our relationship with money is one of our most fraught relationships, second perhaps only to the complexity of your relationship with your mother.

But dealing with money is necessary, and learning to have a clear and grounded relationship to it is an important step to feeling independent and in control in your life.

That’s why I brought my good friend Rachelle Magadan, owner of the Art of Love and Money, on the show this week. Rachelle works with women who want to be good with their money, but are afraid that means not being able to have fun anymore. She helps them create a financial safety net, pay off debt, and free up cash so that they can live a life they love.

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