How to feel joy in and out of your home - using KonMari for your whole life

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I have become someone who folds and rolls her underwear and tucks them into a tiny box inside the drawer.

I used to be someone who just stuffed them all in a drawer and shoved it shut, until recently the shoving had become rather forceful, because the drawer was overfull. So I KonMari’ed my dresser, and while folding and rolling my underwear while folding laundry is still annoying me, opening that tidy (non-shoved) drawer and finding all my things tucked tidily and prettily inside? That fills me with delight every single morning.

And because I am someone who seeks more delight in my life, I started wondering how Marie Kondo’s ideas about confronting your stuff could be applied to more than the physical stuff in my life, but also the mental stuff.

It’s a simple concept, and probably why the book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up became such a hit: Touch everything you own, and ask yourself if it sparks your joy. If not? Let it leave your life. 

Whether you are organized or not, minimalist or not, the process fits everyone. Does it bring you joy? Keep it. Does it not? Let it go. There’s more to there method, involving how to store your joy-sparking stuff once you’ve sorted it, but I’m most interested in the joy-sparking. 

Because I think this is a skill that, once developed, you can use everywhere in your life. Do your relationships spark joy? Does that voice inside your head? What if you evaluated everything in your life according to this method? 

Listen now to hear more about what that could mean for you (spoiler: lots more joy, lots less overwhelm and guilt). 

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