Know Thyself: 7 tools for more self-awareness

You know yourself - don’t you?

What I’m learning from my clients (and about myself) is that so many of us really don’t. Or we know what’s on the surface, but not what’s underneath. And like a duck swimming along, there may be a lot of calm on the surface, and a LOT going on underneath.

But getting to know yourself better - your motivations, feelings, beliefs, desires - is really pretty easy. And knowing yourself well is a powerful step toward accepting yourself, as well as deciding where and how to make changes in your life.

For example, I recently had some really big insight on why I behave the way I do when my partner and I are in disagreement. This stuff goes way back - all the way to my childhood. But when I understood it, I was able to take some control over it. So instead of, “Oh, crap, there I go again,” I got to, “Oh, look, there’s that thing that sets me off and my habit is to respond like this. Do I want to do that today, or do I want to do something else?”

The ability to choose “something else” has changed everything about how we fight (and how soon we make up, and how much I need to apologize for my shitty behavior).

In this episode, I dig in to why knowing yourself can be so powerful and how to do it. Whether you just scratch the surface or want to dive really deep, these suggestions will get you headed in the right direction.

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