Take up all the space you deserve


What does it feel like when you are not taking up the space in the world that you deserve?

It might feel like resentment or anger - because people are stepping on your boundaries and you are not pushing back.It might feel like living in confusion, or blankness. Like you don’t know your own opinions, desires, or preferences.It might feel like anxiety. What will people think of me if I speak up? Speak out? Have an opinion that differs from the norm?

It might be just never listening to your own music in the car, or watching the show you really prefer to watch on Netflix, or ordering the food you actually like.

The truth is, even those of us who believe strongly in equality for women, equality in parenting, equality in relationships (and that’s me), still let ourselves be small. We don’t insist. We don’t speak out. We don’t get pissed off and say, “I deserve this. Make room for me at this table.”

And I’ll be honest, that’s me, too, not taking up the space I know I deserve. But I’m learning to do better. And I know that the more I take up my own space, the more I give you permission to take up your space.

This episode is about what it looks like to give up your space, why you need to quit doing that, and what it can look like to begin take it back.

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