Asking for what you want (in and out of the bedroom) with Leah Carey - Episode 46
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How many times throughout your day do you take an action without really thinking about it? So many times, right? The reality, for any busy and engaged mom, is that it is really noisy in your head.

Some of that noise is helpful, keeping the show running, but some of it is less helpful, and it is running you. Your thoughts influence how you feel, and how you feel determines how you act. When your thoughts are aligned with your values and your goals, you will feel in control and at ease. But if your thoughts are running amok, you will find yourself exhausted, frustrated, and probably have a constant mean voice in your head critiquing your every action.

But you can wrest back control. The simple practices I outline in this episode give you a peek into how you can manage your brain to create a life that you actually want, and where you don’t waste energy berating yourself. What will you do with all that extra energy and attention?

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